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ZenPure can design, develop and make filters or membrane devices of any size, adaptor type, fitting type, and configuration (Pleated, depth, discs, capsules), based on different filtration media, including, PTFE, PES, Nylon, PVDF, PP, PE, Cellulose, Cellulose with Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Cellulose Acetate and more.

ZenPure’s capabilities have helped our customers’ efforts to quickly and effectively introduce new and better products into their markets.

Zenpure capsules


Fit for purpose, correct quality, reliable on time delivery. Filter capsules and cartridges are the basic purification tool and commodity of many pharma and biotech processes, beverage production, laboratory and general purpose applications. Through years of experience with the requirements of these applications ZenPure specifies media, membrane and materials of construction that are commonly used within our chosen business space.

Cartridges and capsules meet or exceed international standards of safety compliance. Integrity testability and retention efficacies meet or exceed industry requirements. Validated products are supported by Zenpure’s validation services.

  • Cellulosic Depth Capsules
  • Cellulosic Depth Filters
  • Carbon/Membrane Capsules
  • General and Standard Grade Capsules
  • ULPA Filter and HEPA Capsules
  • Polypropylene Depth Pleated Capsules
  • Nylon and Charged Nylon capsules

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Zenpure Disc Filters

Disc Filter Capsules

Disc Filter Capsules have been designed for simple, quick, and efficient filtration of fluids used in laboratory, pilot, and analytical small-scale applications.

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Zenpure Mini Cartridges

Mini Cartridges

Typically used in small volume manufacturing, Mini Cartridges are designed to minimize chemical holdup volume. Mini’s fit stainless steel filter vessels. For gas and liquid applications Mini’s clarify or sterilize fluids. Mini’s are manufactured in more than 15 types of media and membrane to meet nearly any process parameter. These products are  available in a variety of media for multiple applications.

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Zenpure Cartridges


Zenpure offers a wide range of filtration cartridges in compact, Depth Pleated and End Cap design.  These cartridges Cartridges are designed to remove particles and contaminants for ultra pure clarification applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, medical, chemical and water industries.

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Zenpure Bag Filters

Bag Filters

Bag filters fit a wide variety of applications and bag filter housings.

  • Felt bag filters
  • Mono & multifilament mesh
  • Micro felt bag filters
  • Pleated filter elements
  • Chem bags
  • Reinator, resin-bonded bag filters

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Zenpure filter housings


Zenpure’s filter housings are designed to meet your critical processing needs for industrial, commercial, processing and chemical applications.

  • Sanitary
  • Stainless steel
  • High purity
  • Bag filter housings
  • Virgin polypropylene housings