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WERMA Signaltechnik is one of the world’s leading companies in the design and manufacture of optical and audible signal devices commonly known as beacons and sounders.  Their signal devices ensure that the working environment is safe and processes efficient – whether on machines or within process systems, in the factory, in the office, or in public spaces. From signal towers, beacons and warning lights to sounders, buzzers and horns, WERMA optical and audible and explosion proof signal devices warn and protect people throughout the world.

WERMA Modular Signal Towers

Modular Signal Towers

WERMA signal towers offer endless combinations of optical and accoustic accessories through the modular design of the product. A simple bayonet mechanism incorporating electrical connection enables the user to assemble a tower quickly and simply.

Modular signal towers provide an important visual signal of, for example, status change on a machine, equipment or in a process. In emergency situations they then provide a clear optical and accoustic warning of danger.

Modular signal towers

WERMA Pre-assembled one piece signal towers

Pre-assembled one piece signal towers

Pre-assembled one piece signal towers may be selected and order with just one part number. Using LEDs they offer life of typically up to 50,000 hours.

Modular signal towers provide an important visual signal of, for example; status change on a machine, equipment or in a process.

Pre-assembled one piece signal towers

WERMA Optical signal devices

Optical signal devices

WERMA offers a wide range of beacons for either installation build or surface mount applications. There is a large range of permanent, blink, flash, rotating and rotating mirror beacons available. Modern designs and the latest LED technology provides exceptionally clear and bright signaling.

Optical signal devices

WERMA Combination Optical - Audible signal devices

Combination Optical – Audible signal devices

Combination devices incorporate bright optical signaling (permanent or flash, including LEDs) with an audible siren. (Buzzers, siren, multi-tone and horn type) Combining optical and acoustic signals provide most effective visual and audible warning.

Combination Optical – Audible signal devices

Werma audible signal devices

Audible signal products

The audible products from WERMA give clear and loud accoustic warning. High quality and robust designs are available with a wide range of different tones and volume. The range includes buzzers, electromechanical buzzers, sirens, multitone devices, horns, bells and gongs.

Audible signal products

Werma EX signal devices for explosive environments

Ex Signal devices

WERMA Ex devices provide safe and reliable signaling in explosive environments. Suitable for use in certain gas, vapor and dust applications the range includes Ex signal towers, Ex beacons, Ex audible products and combination devices.

Ex Signal devices


WERMA is introducing a new elegant signal tower range to the market. Signaling Technology in its most spectacular form ClearSIGN combines a slim unobtrusive design with cutting edge technology and functionality.   The homogenous light effect is particularly impressive and when a light is activated comes to life in a unique form. ClearSIGN uses purely LEDs which help create an unobtrusive minimalistic design with a high level of functionality.

Clearsign is available in two versions; Clearsign compact and Clearsign modular. Clearsign compact is a pre-assembled 3 or 4 tier signal tower. Clearsign modular on the other hand employs the proven bayonet locking system which permits the selection of up to six different elements for the tower underlining the well-known flexibility of WERMA design.

An IO Link version is available which enable the device to be used for the first time as a level or temperature indicator. The signal tower fills up with light and changes color when a critical level or condition is reached. All functions are simple to program using the IO Link interface.

RGB LEDs allow a wide variety of colors to be selected for any tier of the tower giving the operator maximum flexibility in choice of light effect and color. The optical signal can be enhanced with an optional audible alarm.

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