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Vacuum Technology

Vtec offers a complete line of Vaccum Cup Technolgies that even work on slightly curved or irregular surfaces. Vtec products are used in everything from Electronic parts handling, semiconductor and packaging to automotive, glass and plywood applications.

Vtec Suction Cups

Suction Cups and Vacuum Pads

The VB Series is excelllent for compensating for differences in level and curvature and are good for sheet separation. Some uses are; Plywood, paper board boxes, thin film, electronic parts.

The VB-M Series can be fitted directly onto a piece of pipe with no fittings required. These cups are well suited to cardboard, packaging machines, thin film sheets, sheet veneer and plastic sheets. Vtec vacuum pads

The VOC Series provides a thick and durable lip which is suitable for both horizontal and parallel applications including long objects with either flat or curved surface, pipe, shaped sheet metal panels and automotive bumpers.


Vacuum Speeder Modules

The Vtec vacuum speeder modules offer efficient individual and independent point-of-use vacuum with extremely quick response. There are multiple connection ports available and the twofold silencer assures low noise levels during operation.  These vacuum speeder modules maintain vacuum despite fluctuations and drops in air pressure and provide quick release system without a release control valve.


Vacuum Cartridge

Vtec two-stage cartridges are compact, patented design, multistage vacuum ejector, suitable for applications that require high operational reliablity despite fluctuating or low compressed-air pressure.

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Vacuum Pumps

Vtec offers a wide range of vacuum pumps from the Turtle Pumps which offer the convenience of a complete yet compact system to their keyboard pump series providing integrated vacuum pump, airsupply & vacuum release control valve, vacuum switch, filter, blowing flow control valve and silencer in a body.

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