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A leading supplier of electric linear motion and pneumatic actuators, Tolomatic’ s expertise in linear actuators is backed by 50 years of original product innovation, integrity, and the best service in the industry. Our extensive product line includes electric linear and pneumatic actuators, linear servo actuators for high thrust, integrated Smart Actuators, drives & motors, and configured linear motion systems. Tolomatic also manufactures right-angle gear drives, caliper disc brakes, and clutches. Tolomatic has earned its industry-wide reputation for designing and manufacturing highly durable and reliable electric linear and pneumatic actuators for a variety of industries, including packaging, material handling, medical, food processing, automotive, semiconductor, and general automation.

Tolomatic Rodless Actuators

Rodless Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Tolomatic’s electric rodless actuator lineup includes linear screw actuators and high speed belt linear actuators.

rodless electro-mechanical actuators

Tolomatic RodStyle Actuators

Electric Rod Actuators

Tolomatic’s electric rod style lineup includes low cost electric cylinders, linear slides, smart actuators, and linear servo actuators.

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Tolomatic Servos

Servo Drive and Motor Systems

Tolomatic Servo Drive and Motor Systems offer high resolution, quiet operation and low cost precise positioning solutions.

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Tolomatic ERD Electric Cylinder

ERD Low-cost Electric Cylinders for Pneumatic Cylinder Replacement

The ERD is an economical electric cylinder and is compatible with many NEMA & metric mount stepper and servo motors to create a flexible, powerful, yet cost-effective electric cylinder solution over traditional pneumatic cylinders.

Perfect for gating, sorting, diverting and product change overs, ERD electric cylinders offer these features:

  • 4 body sizes
  • Ball and acme screw choices
  • Force/thrust capabilities up to 500 lbf (2.2 kN)
  • Stroke lengths up to 24 inches (610 mm)
  • Guide and anti-rotate options
  • Stepper and servo drive/controller and motor solutions

Tolomatic ERD-SS2
The all stainless steel ERD actuator with protective motor enclosure (ERD-SS2) accommodates both servo (23-frame) and stepper (NEMA 17 and NEMA 23-frame) motors. Combine any ERD-SS2 with the Tolomatic ACS servo or stepper drive and get a complete motion control system with high performance at a very competitive price.

Tolomatic ERD Hygienic
ERD hygienic electric actuators are approved by 3A and USDA for food and beverage applications. This line of hygienically designed all stainless steel electric actuators offer up to 7868 lbf (35 kN) and they are the perfect solution for food and beverage applications where higher forces are required for pressing, pumping, cutting or slicing. Use the Tolomatic Your Motor Here® database to select from a wide variety of stainless steel motor manufacturers for a complete all stainless package.

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ACSI Integrated Servo Motor/Drive/Controller

The ACSI integrated servo motor is a cost effective solution for automating additional axes of motion with simple control options via digital I/O or industrial Ethernet.

Tolomatic ACSI Motors
The ACSI with an integrated servo motor creates a space-saving machine design by eliminating a drive in a cabinet. The ACSI can be controlled with simple digital I/O (24Vdc), analog input (0-10Vdc or 4-20mA) or robust industrial Ethernet: EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP. Optimized for linear or rotary operation. With built-in configurations for all of Tolomatic’s electric actuators, the ACSI integrated servo motor/drive/controller creates linear motion quickly and easily in the desired linear units. When ordered with a Tolomatic actuator, the ACSI will be mounted to the actuator, configured and tested as a system.

The ACSI integrated servo motor/drive/controller offers these features:

  • Nema-23 and Nema-34 frame sizes
  • IP65 rating
  • M12 connectors
  • 10Vdc to 60Vdc input supply
  • Dual Ethernet ports supports star, daisy chain and ring topologies
  • ODVA conformant and Plugfest certified EtherNet/IP
  • Add On Profiles (AOP), Add On Instruction (AOP), and Device Level Ring (DLR) compatibility for seamless integration with Rockwell PLCs.
  • Options include cables, planetary gearboxes in 3:1, 5:1, and 10:1 and 48Vdc power supplies

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