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STOBER servo solutions range from planetary gearheads to helical bevel gearboxes to hollow bore motors to rack and pinion solutions. This diverse offering means we have a solution that will meet your needs. Our compact helical bevel reducers allow you to use your current machine setup. If you need a completely engineering system, let our product support team help you size your gearbox.

Gear Units

With the different lines of inline, offset, and right-angle gear units STOBER offers a great variety of customizable solutions to fit a wide range of applications.The STOBER motor adapter system allows you to attach almost any make of motor.


stober motors

STOBER motors feature a modular design. Motor options can be selected to suit application and drive controller requirements.

When used with STOBER gear units, the motors can be mounted directly to the gear unit without using a coupling.

Geared Motors

In combination with the directly mounted motors the STOBER Modular geared motor system makes a compact drive for a wide range of applications.

Highly dynamic and energy efficient applications are possible due to the lower mass inertia.


Stober’s selection of electronics includes:

  • Controllers
  • Drive Controllers
  • Software
  • Cables
  • Accessories & More.