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LEY Series Electric Rod Type Actuators

LEY electric actuators
The LEY rod type electric actuator has a familiar rod cylinder form suitable for push, pull, lift and press applications. The 24VDC motor can be reverse mounted for compact length, or inline mounted for compact height.

The LEY series offers a wide variety of actuator mounting options as well, including numerous direct and bracket styles. Data can be set with only 2 items – position and speed. Positioning and pushing control can be selected.

  • Body sizes: 16, 25, 32, 40
  • Maximum work load: 60 kg (horizontal); 53 kg (vertical)
  • Maximum pushing force: 1058 N
  • Maximum stroke: 500 mm
Positioning repeatability: ±0.02 mm
  • Motor types: high load step motor or high speed servo motor
  • Dust/Drip proof (IP65) specification
  • In-line or parallel motor type

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JXC*1, Step Motor Controller, Fieldbus Direct Input Type for LEF

The JXC*1 is a single axis controller for LE’s 24VDC step motors compatible with several fieldbus protocols including Ethernet/IP™ fieldbus. Actuator motors can be operated by calling a line of step data or by direct numerical instruction, each possible over the network.  Futher fieldbus compatible functions include return to origin, alarm outputs and resets, parameter setup, status monitoring, and trial runs.

The JXC91 features a dual port IN / OUT connection with Linear and Device Level Ring (DLR) topologies. The DLR option gives added security and peace of mind as communication continues even when there is a disconnected element. Real time is achieved through numerical data input, in addition to half/full duplex high speed communication of 10/100 Mbps.

Using the most common form of protocol within process and automation applications, the JXC91 opens the door to simpler and closer control. Responding to customer needs, the JXC91 is the latest in a line of product innovations from SMC that offer greater flexibility together with a range of savings and stronger security.

SMC VP.VG Residual Pressure Release ISO Valves

Series VP/VG Residual Pressure Release ISO Valve

Special versions of the VP and VG series valves that conform to ISO13849-1 safety standard, categories 1 to 4. They are available as dual residual pressure release safety valves with detection of main valve position.

When the dual residual pressure release valve is used, if one of the valves fails to operate, the other one releases residual pressure.  The detection function of the main valve position detects a mismatch between the input signal and valve operation.

  • Safety Standard ISO13849-1 certified 2 (Corresponding to category 2 to 4)
  • With detection of main valve position
  • Redundant system can be constructed easily
  • Highly reliable construction
  • Safety limit switch can be selected
  • With soft start-up function (-X555)

Series ZHP vacuum ejector

ZHP Series Integrated Vacuum Pad with Ejector

SMC Series ZHP vacuum ejector (vacuum generator) and pad are integrated into one unit.  This reduces the amount of tubing required and saves labor costs.  You can also reduce the total amount of space required.  Built in silencer helps keep noise to a minimum.

  • Two stage ejector
  • Suction flow rate 50% increased
  • Air consumption 30% reduced
  • Choice of 4 pad materials
  • Easier maintenance

SMC ITV Electro-pneumatic regulator

Series ITV Electro-Pneumatic Regulators

SMC’s ITV regulators enable stepless control of air pressure proportional to an electrical input signal.  This means remote control without turning a knob!  Each ITV also includes a built in pressure sensor and output signal, offering remote confirmation of operation.

For flexibility in your facility, ITV models offer four low to high flow rates and three pressure ranges.  Two additional models regulate vacuum pressure as well.

Today’s high quality manufacturing processes demand precise electronic control and feedback.  Output pressure requirements may change frequently.  Further, your entire operation may be fieldbus networked.  SMC’s ITV electro-pneumatic regulators integrate competently with your state of the art facility.

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AV Soft Start

SMC AV Soft Start Valves

A supply valve that gradually increases supply pressure during start up and quickly exhausts system air when the supply air is shut off.  The AV soft start valves allow the pneumatic pressure supply to be easily tied into equipment electrical controls.

The valve conveniently mates with SMC’s F.R.L. components to create a single point of machine air control and conditioning.

With increasing emphasis being placed on safety in the workplace, the need for safe start-up of machinery has prompted SMC to develop soft start-up valves. These valves reduce and then gradually increase the downstream pressure that is supplied to actuators from a safe low initial value, to the higher values that the machines demand; thereby protecting personnel and equipment from the sudden shock loads that can damage components or injure people.

SMC EX600 I/O System

EX600 I/O System – Network Solution

Designed for total application flexibility, the EX600 I/O system offers many advanced features. A full suite of diagnostics and programmable parameters allow the EX600 to meet the most stringent requirements.  The SI Unit is the key building block of the system and various I/O blocks and valve manifolds can be connected to it. The EX600 can be configured as a centralized or a decentralized I/O system, or a combination of both.

Mechanically the system features sturdy metal M12 connectors (SPEEDCON compatible) as well as a patented hinged clamp design. This assures that all the modules are held together securely, while still allowing adding or removing individual modules without the inherent limitations of a more traditional tie rod design.

Integrated manifold solenoid valve types include: Series SY, Series SV, Series S0700 and Series VQC.

Series IZ S40/41/42 Bar Ionizer

The IZS4 is SMC’s 3rd generation bar ionizers, including three series models.  Bar ionizers apply 6000 to 7000V to each electrode needle.  The corona discharge effect generates a stream of ionized air particles which are purged by an air supply and directed toward the workpiece or zone.  Unbalanced charges in the target area combine with the ion stream to neutralize the unsafe or hazardous charge.  Protect equipment and personnel, improve process quality, and reduce or eliminate product defects by removing static electricity.

IZS40 Standard

  • Simple operation
  • AC and DC modes
  • 3 alarms

IZS41 with Sensor Options

  • Fastest static electricity removal time
  • Feedback or autobalance sensors
  • AC, Sensing AC, and DC modes
  • Detects contamination
  • 7 alarms

IZS42 Dual AC

  • Dual AC mode protects sensitive devices with low potential amplitude
  • Optional autobalance sensor
  • Detects contamination
  • 7 alarms

VX2 Series 2-Port Process Valves

The VX2 valve series is available in resin, aluminum (new introductions), brass and stainless steel.   This valve supports water, steam, oil, air and medium vacuum media.  This updated version provides up to 20% increase in throughput in a smaller, lighter package.  Quieter operation due to low noise construction techniques as well as enhanced durability due to changes in the armature and coil design.

Common applications include:

  • Inline Dump Valve
  • Mixing
  • Water
  • Pick and Place
  • Direct Air Flow for Cooling and Sorting
  • System Flush
  • Spraying
  • Tank Fill
  • Air Motor Applications

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Series MXQ-Z Re-invents the Standard that SMC Started

The slide table was a breakthrough product when it was first introduced in 1993, and it is still SMC’s best selling slide series.  The new MXQ-Z re-invents the standard that SMC started.

The new design includes a light weight table that allows for improvements in allowable kinetic energy, product weight and reduction in height over the previous design.  Based on your application needs, there are now 4 basic designs to choose from.

  • Basic Double Ported Type (This is to fit your basic needs)
  • Low Thrust, High Rigidity Type (For applications that are not moving heavy loads but require high rigidity & precision)
  • Single Side Ported (Ports are on the same side instead of opposite sides)

  • Height Interchangeable Type (If you are using the old MXQ design and require the actuator height to be the same as old)

The MXQ-Z consists of an integrated guide rails and table.  The use of recirculating linear guide bearing give the MXQ high rigidity and precision.  The MXQ-Z is available with an optional stroke adjuster that is positioned in the center so play at the end of stroke is improved.

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Series ZK2 All-in-one Vacuum Ejector

The ZK2 Energy Saving Compact Vacuum Ejector is an extremely versatile unit for vacuum generation. It is an "All-In-One" unit that includes the supply valve, release valve, vacuum break flow adjustment needle, suction filter and silencer. It can be used at a stand alone unit or part of a manifold of up to 10 stations. Optional digital vacuum pressure switch can be easily copied to up to 10 switches simultaneously. The ZK2 can also be configured to that it can be used with a vacuum pump system.

  • With the high vacuum flow capability, short adsorption response times are possible
  • Compact and light weight
  • Can be stand alone unit or in a manifold of 10 units
  • Manifold type can be wired using a D-sub connector or flat ribbon cable
  • Suction filter is easy to see and replace
  • Capable of vacuum pressures of -27 in-Hg
  • Optional double check valve retains vacuum for safety

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SX1- 2-port valves

SX10 High Speed 2-Port Valves

Developed with high performance, SMC’s series SX10 2 port high speed valve is compact and lightweight. The SX10 also has a low power consumption 4W, high frequency 1200Hz, and two mounting types. The SX 10 can also reduce installation labor with the use of the quick disconnect type mount.

Excellent choice for object size and color sorting machines to meet the requirements of quick response, low power consumption and long service life. The SX10 can be used to sort out the defective products in grain, medicine tablet and dried food sorting machines.

  • High speed response : ON/0.45 ms, OFF/0.4 ms (±0.05 ms)
  • Long service life : 5 billion cycles or more
  • High frequency : 1200Hz
  • Width : 9mm
  • Low power consumption : 4W
  • RoHS compliant

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IDG Air Dryer

IDG Series Membrane Air Dryer

The membrane air dryer uses hollow fiber composed of a macro molecular membrane through which moisture passes easily, but is difficult for air to pass through.

  • Non-Fluorocarbon
  • Compatible with low dew point 76ºF (-60ºC )
  • No vibration or heat discharge

Membrane air dryer series IDG is available in a single unit or combination unit style. IDG/M models combine a mist separator and micro mist separator with a single unit. IDG/V models combine a regulator with the IDG/M model. Options available include one-touch fitting exhaust of purge air. If purged air is not exhausted around membrane air dryer, air is exhausted with tubing away from its dryer.


SMC LEJ Electric Slider Table

Series LEJ Electric Slider

The LEJ series is SMC’s newest slider style.  The design goals included higher load carrying capability, greater moment loading, and high acceleration and deceleration.  To achieve higher load capability, the chassis includes a double axis linear guide.  Further, the work mounting table’s wide stance enhances stability.  Additional stability is established by the low table height and its inherently low center of gravity.  Each model is driven by an AC servo motor capable of 20,000 mm/s2 acceleration or deceleration.

The LEJ series includes two drive types, either a ball screw or a belt.  The ball screw offers high positioning repeatability, while the belt drive offers longer strokes and higher speeds.  Both drive types offer two motor sizes.  Motors are operated by an incremental or absolute driver type.

  • Ball screw driven LEJS carries loads from 30 to 85 kg.
  • Belt driven LEJB carries loads from 20 to 30 kg.
  • Maximum strokes of 1500mm (LEJS) or 3000mm (LEJB)
  • Maximum speeds of 1200 mm/s (LEJS) or 3000 mm/s (LEJB)
  • Positioning repeatability of ±0.02mm (LEJS) or ±0.04mm (LEJB)
  • Motors have 17-bit (incremental) or 18-bit encoders
  • Non-magnetizing lock option available
  • 100 or 200 VAC motor options

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SMC PFMB Series digital display

Series PFMB Digital Display and Output Signals to Monitor Flow

Series PFMB digital flow switch monitors and displays instantaneous and accumulated flow, and transmits output signals when critical set points are detected.  Switch outputs can trigger machine controls to continue or stop operation, indicate an emergency condition, or signal a maintenance requirement.  A comprehensive set of functions is available in a compact, space-saving package.

  • Wide range of flow measurement with one product
  • Suitable fluids include air, nitrogen, or argon
  • Reversible Color Display improves readability
  • Piping Variations: Straight or Bottom, Thread or One-touch fitting
  • Mounting Options: DIN Rail, Bracket or Panel Mount

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Clean Exhaust Filter Series SFE

This filter enables direct exhaust of air in a clean room!

SFE Exhaust Filter
The SFE filter’s hollow fiber membrane filtertraps and filtrates the impurities from the compressed air through the overlapping layered fine holes. Air can be directly exhausted in a clean room simply by mounting this product to the pneumatic equipment in the clean room.

  • No need for piping for exhaust air and relief air.
  • Reduces piping installation work and space.
  • Filtration rating : 0.01μm (Trapping efficiency 99.99%)
  • Maximum flow capacity : 200 L/min (ANR)
  • Noise reduction : 30 dB (A) or more

LES Electric Slide Table

The LES is actuated by an electric motor driving a linear ball screw.  The work table offers top and front load mounting surfaces.  Underneath, the linear guide maintains positional accuracy and supports moment loading.

LES Low Profile model features lightweight pressed work table, enabling higher vertical loads. The LESH High Rigidity model features stiffer machined table, supporting greater moment loads.

  • 24V DC step or servo motors (both with encoders) to refine force / speed profiles
  • 3 motor sizes with 2 optional screw leads each further optimize force / speed curves
  • Motors can be parallel mounted or in-line behind body to accommodate space constraints
  • Strokes from 30~150mm available
  • 5000 mm/s2 max. acceleration and deceleration
  • 400mm/s max. speed
  • Write up to 64 step data points to controller, using laptop with software or teaching pendant
  • Optional programless controller or "step & direction" pulse driver also available

LES electric slide table

SY Flagship valves

New SY – SMC’s Flagship Valve Series

  • Flexible side, top and bottom porting
  • Lower power consumption
  • Mixed valve sizes
  • Resin & bar stock manifolds
  • Plug-in bases simplify wiring

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New SY Valve offers flexibility, reliability improved performance and throughput

SMC has improved product performance and reliability with the redesigned SY series valve.  The SY3000 and SY5000 have the same valve width as their predecessors, but the flow has been increased by up to 80%, allowing the valve size to be reduced.

SY Valves
The updated SY3000/5000 series solenoid valve represents the new flagship of SMC’s pneumatic valve product line by offering customers greater flexibility, reliability and sonic conductance (throughput) within the same footprint.  These improvements allow customers to utilize this product line across a wider range of applications and provide a higher level of performance relative to similar valve products in the market.

PS1000 Series Miniature Pressure/Vacuum Sensor

One-Touch Stud Fits into KQ2 Series Fittings for Simplified Installation

The air checker, PS1 series, electronic pressure switch is available for positive pressure and for vacuum. PS1 is extremely compact and lightweight. Dimensions are 13W X 10H X 30L (mm) for standard type without connection part. A 2-wire switch is applicable to either NPN or PNP output.

  • Simple Pressure or Vacuum Switch
  • Potentiometer Adjustment
  • LED Indicator Standard
  • Two Wire Design Allow Use in PNP or NPN Applications

MY1H, Mechanical Joint Rodless Cylinder, High Precision Guide

For long strokes with compact size and an integrated guide, the MY1 series rodless actuator provides an ideal solution. The MY1 mechanical joint rodless cylinder includes four standard models, which allow the appropriate bearing style to be selected in order to match the accuracy and load requirements of your application.

If necessary, you can also combine the basic MY1 cylinder with an external guide in order to create a special engineered solution. Piping options can be selected according to the application. MY1 is available in 9 bore sizes from 16mm to 100mm. Standard strokes are available up to 2000mm with a 5000mm long stroke option on some bore sizes.

  • Mechanical joint rodless cylinder with high precision guide
  • Bore sizes: 16, 20, 25, 32, 40 (mm)
  • Strokes up to 1500mm depending upon bore size
  • With one or two stroke adjusters with or without shocks
  • Variety of switches and a variety of lead wire lengths

MY1H Brochure

Low profile air grippers with space saving design

Low profile air gripper with an adjustable opening/closed finger postioning.

There are 3 standard stroke lengths and 2 stroke adjustment types for fine tuning.  Stroke can be adjusted to suit the workpiece reducing the operating times.  The MHF2 has 3 types of opening/closed finger stroke adjustments:

  • Adjustable finger opening position type
  • Adjustable finger closed position type
  • Adjustable finger opening/closed position type