SMC HRS Series Thermo Chillers

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With an abundant lineup of models, SMC Offers the most suitable cooling solution for you company’s specification.

The HRS Series of Thermo-chillers are available in air-cooled and water-cooled versions in capacities ranging from 1.0kW to 24kW with single-phase and 3-phase power supplies.

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Series HRS – Compact Type

1.1kW to 5.9kW – Outstanding performance and multiple functions are now the global standard.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Temperature stability: +/-0.18°F (+/-0.1°C)
  • With heating function

Series HRSH – Large Type

10kW to 25kW – Globally compatible powerful and intelligent chiller

  • Outstanding energy savings effect with the triple inverter
  • Temperature stability: +/-0.18°F (+/-0.1°C) 
  • With heating function
  • Outdoor installation
  • Maintenance free pump (Mechanical seal-less/Immersion pump)
  • Operates at a specified discharge pressure by pump inverter

Series HRSE – Small Basic Type

1.0kW to 2.2kW – Convenient cooling for point-of-use location

  • Large energy savings with triple control
  • Temperature stability: +/-0.36°F (+/-0.2°C) 
  • Maintenance free pump
  • With signal cable
  • Air cooling only

IDFB- Refrigerated Drier Series