SMC High Purity Products

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Products for the toughest environments

In response to the latest demands in process control, SMC has incorporated leading edge product innovations and engineering excellence to develop a high purity product suite.  These high purity solutions strive to continually advance the technology of minimizing contaminates. Achieving success as a quality leader by minimizing both particulate and chemical contamination to levels compatible with the most demanding requirements.

SMC High Purity Valves

Valves and Manifolds

SMC’s high purity valves are space saving, compact, air or hand operated valves, which are designed to overcome the harsh environments often encountered in wet process applications. Designed for no leakage, high purity valves come in a variety of corrosion resistant materials.

SMC High Purity Regulators


SMC’s high purity liquid regulators offers superior performance in both pulsation dampening, as well as adjustable liquid flow control.  The LVR series is capable of 110° C operating temperature, which meets many of today’s most demanding requirements.  Available with SMC’s new LQ3 HyperFlare™ connection.

SMC High Purity Fittings


SMC high purity HYPER FITTING series LQ* responds to the latest demands in process control. From parts cleaning to assembly and packaging, all processes are controlled for cleanliness, and the use of new PFA virtually eliminates particle generation and TOC (total organic carbon) allowing confident use for the most demanding applications. If chemistries or flow requirements are changed during process, our face seal design allows for quick change of tubing, and/or tube diameters, using the same fitting body.

SMC high purity tubing


Series TL/TIL high purity fluoropolymer tubing is available as standard in inch sizes of 50′ and 100′ rolls. The TIL series has outstanding corrosion resistance, compatible with chemicals such as acids, bases and ultrapure water. The TIL series is also compatible with maximum fluid temperatures of up to 200°C.

TD/TID series is a highly flexible fluorine resin tubing that was designed for installation in small spaces. The denatured PTFE fluorine resin tubing was developed to realize high flexibility, while maintaining the same heat and chemical resistance as the series, TL/TH. TD/TID series is suitable for industries that require heat and chemical resistance and conforms to Food Sanitation Law.

SMC high purity flow switch

Flow Switch

SMC’s new InfiniFlow™ ultrasonic flow sensing technology incorporates a cutting-edge contrapropagating cross-correlation measurement method. This technology is up to 20 times faster than the industry standard "sing-around" method. In addition, the cross-correlation method is much more efficient in data collection and processing, even under adverse conditions with micro-bubbles. The system is an "All-SMC" fully integrated technology. By a simple change on the Windows™ utility screen, you can switch from stand-alone sensor mode to closed-loop mode, and with the addition of the LTV20 hybrid regulator, you will be controlling liquid flow with superior accuracy and repeatability. This is accomplished using the same compact controller for either mode, and there is no "hand-shaking" with a separate PID controller.