Productive Robotics

Collaborative Robotics Made Simple

Productive Robotics designs and manufactures the new generation of collaborative robots. The “OB7” robot provides simplicity in use, versatility, automation, and increased output, consistency, and quality.
​OB7 leaps beyond all other collaborative robots with its patent pending “teach without programming”. Existing employees “show” OB7 the desired tasks to be performed. OB7 quickly learns and performs the tasks. Zero programming eliminates operational complexity and user worry. This results in application flexibility, efficient integration, broad user confidence, and almost immediate return on investment (ROI).
OB7 is fully compliant with ISO 10218-1 safety standards and requirements.
​Productive Robotics designs and manufactures OB7 in the United States of America.

Productive Robotics’ History: “Back to the Future”

Productive Robotics was spun out from ZBE, Inc. ZBE’s origin was in robotic camera systems used in motion pictures and television special effects. Their history started with Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and their robotic camera systems were used in diverse productions including: The Right Stuff, The Twilight Zone, Top Gun, and numerous animated short films and commercials.
​Through the years, ZBE’s developed a wide technology base spanning robotics, motion control, digital imaging and printing, hybrid micro-electronics and high precision mechatronic systems. ZBE’s digital printing systems for commercial and professional imaging are in use in 60 countries worldwide.
In 2010, Productive Robotics was formed and focuses exclusively on Collaborative Robotic Systems.