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UJ20 UV Curing System

UV Curing Systems

The UJ20 Series UV Curing System is the most powerful intensity in its class.  The 8000mW/cm2 high intensity can be obtained by power mode using the combination of ANUJ6160 LED head and ANUJ6423 lens. 6400mW/cm2 can still be obtained in high accuracy mode.

Comparing to products with lower UV intensity, tact time can be reduced due to high UV intensity.

UJ20 Curing time The 20,000H LED light source life(Continuous usage) is over 6times longer than lamps used lamp type UV systems. Advantage using a LED system is that you can turn LED on instantly without any warm up. Lamp types require time to warm up, and thus need to be kept on even when UV irradiation is not required.

Even with all heads turned on, the power consumption is only 60VA(at 100V AC) This is 1/6 compared to our previous model and contributes to the reduction of C02. Lower power consumption and heat generation will reduce total air conditioning power.

Unlike lamp type systems, LED does not contain mercury. Confirms to RoHS, China RoHS and CE and is environmentally safe.

In addition to 5 types of standard lenses (3,4,6,8 and 10mm dia), side view lens, cylindrical and rod lens are available for different types of application.

UJ20 Lens types
Programmable irradiation controls not only heat distortion, but also the contraction distortion during curing of the resin. This makes it perfect for high quality curing applications that demand low temperature and high precision. The UJ20 is capable of programming and saving 15 different programs. Each program can have 10 steps for each head.

Fan-less design is ideal for Precision Bonding (No dust/No Vibration).  For high precision applications dusts and vibration become serious problems in the curing process. Since the controller is designed to keep itself cool without an internal cooling fan, so there is no need to worry about these problems anymore. Also it will not require any exhaust ventilation duct and reduce costs and also reduce the running cost for air conditioning.

The 365 nm wavelength enables clear UV irradiation. It does not contain infrared rays, minimizing the temperature rise of work pieces. This is ideal for applications that require low temperature, high precision bonding with minimum thermal distortion, such as the assembly of thin plastic lenses.

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