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Minas A5B High-Performance Motion Control

The Minas A5B Series with built-in EtherCAT module, offers unique features such as safety functions, a fast frequency response of 2.4kHz, a minimum cycle time of 250 us, and real-time communication which contribute to high reliability and higher overall system performance.

Support for position (pp, csp, ip, hm), velocity (pv, csv), and torque control (tq, cst), allows for flexibility in systems demanding strict synchronization of multiple-axis motion trajectories.*The Minas A5B Series driver works with high-performance motion control technology from controllers such as Trio, Delta Tau, Beckhoff, Lenze, Soft Servo and more.

The Minas A5B Series is also equipped with four auto-setting notch filters and four damping filters. These filters detect noise and vibration due to the load inertia and other natural vibration frequency components. This makes the Minas A5B Series an industry leader in noise and vibration control.

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Panasonic Servos & Drives

Panasonic servos and drives have routinely offered the best in motion control. The A4 series servo sports ultra-fast frequency times and new vibration control features while our ultra-compact E series servo/driver has slimmed in size by 47%!