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Machine Vision / ID Products

Panasonic machine vision and ID products offer the latest in detection and inspection technology for  durability, accuracy and simple setup.  Their newly released PD60/PD65 series ID products offer high decoding capabilities complimented with simple setups. Our vision systems such as the PV310 and AX40 series showcase Panasonic’s innovative and precise image processing algorithms.


The A-Series is the universal compact system for grey-scale processing.  The A210 Multichecker is truly multi-talented. Two cameras can be accommodated and evaluated simultaneously. Thanks to its special processor, it can achieve the fastest inspection times and is thus also suitable for more complex problems.

A series The A230 OCR is a special version of the Multichecker software. It has additional powerful algorithms available for reading characters and for checking imprint quality. The A110 Multichecker is used for all inspection tasks for which one camera is sufficient and for which speed is not of the essence.

The AX40 combines the powerful grey-scale image processing of the A100/200 Multichecker with the possibilities of color processing. Now you can handle those demanding inspection tasks that used to require two different units, with just one AX40.

A-Series Micro-Imagechecker


Stand-alone and handy type 2D direct marked code reader units

>Reading direct markings on metal is inherintly problematic. Thanks to over 20 years of research, Panasonic’s original algorithms have greatly improved reading accuracy in such environments. Additionally, the PD60/PD65 series have improved image detection abilities with new pre-processing functions.

  • Real Time Image Transfer and Storage
  • Guide Light (Red LED) for Easy Installation at the Optimum Position
  • FREE PD Tool Software – For easy setup!
  • Constructed with Emphasis on Maintenance with Oil Resistance Connectors
  • Dedicated, Free Software for Easy Set Up
  • Control of Lighting – Possibility of 7 Different Lighting Configurations

PD60/PD65 2D Codereaders