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Gast Manufacturing, Inc. designs and manufactures quality air-moving products – vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and Smart Air technology – to meet the many challenging applications of OEMs and end-users worldwide.

Ohlheiser Corporation is a Certified Service Centers for Gast Manufacturing, Incorporated.  Our service technicians are professionally trained to offer the best maintenance and service for your Gast pump products.

Piston Compressor
Piston: Built to withstand rugged operating conditions for high-pressure, oilless operation. Includes model numbers that start with 1-7L, 1-7H, 1-5V, PAB/PBB/PCA, and VAB/VBB/VCD.

ROC-R©: Our ROC-R rocking piston line combines piston pump durability with diaphragm pump efficiency, proven outstanding performance and flexibility. Model numbers usually start with LOA/LAA/ROA/RAA/SOA/SAA or XR, where X is a number.

Rotary Vane
Rotary Vane: Pulsation-free, minimal vibration with long service-free life for oilless or lubricated applications. Includes model numbers starting with a 4 digit numeric sequence (ie – 0323).

Diaphragm: Compact, quiet source of vacuum or pressure. Miniature styles are ideally suited for a variety of light-duty applications. Model numbers usually start with DOA/DAA/MOA/MAA or XD, where X is a number.

Linear: Extremely quiet, highly efficient operation and simple maintenance due to principles of electromagnetic oscillation. Model numbers start with C/SPP/HP.

Regnerative Blower
Regenerative Blowers: For high-volume vacuum or compressed air applications. Several models are available with explosion proof motors for soil vapor extraction applications. Models numbers start with RX, where X is a number.

Air & Gear Motor
Air & Gear motors: Rugged and reliable, a broad range of models are available in lubricated, lubricated stainless steel, and oilless styles. Model numbers start with XAM, where X is a number.

Vacuum Generator
Vacuum Generators: Low cost, compact alternative to traditional vacuum pumps in single and mutli-stage designs. Includes model numbers starting with VG.

Tank Units
Vacuum Generator Tank Units
Tanks systems that can be designed to make small pumps do big jobs are a natural extension of the Gast line.

Dry Sprinkler System
Dry Sprinkler Systems
UL2125 Listed oilless piston air compressors for dry sprinkler systems.