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EPSON Robots is the global leader in easy to use PC-based controls, high speed, high precision robots and related factory automation equipment with over 22 years in the industry.

EPSON T3 All-in-One SCARA Robot with Integrated Controller

The new Epson T3 is an innovative all-in-one SCARA robot that reduces the total cost of ownership with Epson ease of use, fast setup and (seamless) integration, and great performance at an incredibly low price.

The T3 offers great performance, high reliability and ease of use, flexibility, and is easy to learn. It also is energy-saving due to low power consumption, lightweight, and is space-saving with a small footprint yet a large work envelope. It has a built-in controller, saving critical workspace. No battery is required for the controller, motor, or encoder, which minimizes downtime and reduces lifetime ownership costs. The robot has easily accessible inputs and outputs.

The Epson T3 was designed for applications including pick & place, simple assembly, parts/material handling, dispensing, and more. It’s perfect to introduce as a replacement for commonly used linear slides in automation systems.

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N Series 6-axis Robot

Epson N Series 6-axis Robot
The new Epson N series 6 axis robot can reach every point of its work cell with ease – even where it’s really cramped. The reason: a revolutionary kinematic geometry with a completely new folding arm.

The new N series covers an action field for which you would normally require a 6 axis robot with a significantly longer arm length.

In the new Epson N series, the second axis is oriented inwards, thus moving the center of rotation downwards. This means the second axle shaft can travel through the zero position. To put it more bluntly: The second axis “hops” from one side to the other. This maneuverability over a very small footprint is unheard of until now, and leads to highly efficient work processes.

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S5 Mid-Range 6-Axis Robot

Epson S5 robot
EPSON S5-Series robots provide superior performance along with industry leading PC based controls. They are high speed, mid-range 6 axis robots with a small footprint and advanced flexibility for even the most demanding applications.

Featuring EPSON’s new SlimLine design which boasts a slim body and compact wrist pitch axis, S5-Series robots are able to easily reach into confined and restricted work spaces from many angles with smooth motion. The SlimLine body and compact wrist enables greater motion range and less mechanical restrictions. Whether you are looking for higher speed, longer reach, higher payloads or robots for special environment use, EPSON has the S5 model to fit your application requirements.

S5-Series robots are ideal for applications where 6 axis dexterity is required such as small parts assembly, dispensing, lab automation, machine tending, material handling, medical device manufacturing, packaging, food handling and may other applications requiring speed, precision and/or smooth motion.

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C4 Series 6-Axis Robots

Epson C4
The EPSON C4 compact 6-Axis robot continues the tradition of setting new standards for small sized 6-axis robot performance. As the leader in compact 6-Axis robots, the new EPSON C4 design includes a unique compact wrist pitch as well as a slim body elbow design. With outstanding flexibility, EPSON C4 robots were made for big jobs in tiny spaces.

C4 compact 6-axis robots have 665mm horizontal reach, 885mm vertical reach and 4Kg maximum payloads. They are available in Clean/ESD models and work with our RC700 controller.  C4L Long Reach 6-axis robots have 900mm horizontal reach and 4Kg maximum payloads.

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C8 Compact 6-Axis Robots

Epson C8 Robot
The EPSON C8 compact 6-Axis robots provide high performance in a slimline package. With up to 8Kg of payload, EPSON C8 robots handle mid-sized 6-axis jobs while keeping an extremely small footprint.  Just like our EPSON C4 robots, the C8 design includes a unique compact wrist pitch as well as a slim body elbow design. Bottom line, EPSON C8 robots were made for big jobs in tiny spaces. Our goal was to build a robust robot in a compact shell capable of meeting EPSON’s high performance standards. The new EPSON C8 does that and more by allowing payloads up to 8Kg while maintaining fast speeds and cycle times.

This slimline body and compact wrist design enable greater motion range and less mechanical restrictions than comparably sized models. Larger motors and superior servo controls allow for fast yet precise motion control which means smoother motion for your next application. In addition EPSON acceleration/deceleration rates due to our high performance Epson proprietary servo system provide fast motion on a smooth path.

VT6L All-in-One 6-Axis Robot

With next-level technology at an incredible price, the VT6L All-in-One 6-Axis robot is ideal for a wide variety of simple applications. Delivering many of the features found in Epson’s high-end robots, including powerful Epson RC+® development software and easy integration tools such as vision guidance, the VT6L offers a reach up to 900 mm and a payload up to 6 kg.

A feature-packed performer, it includes a built-in controller, plus simplified cabling with a hollow end-of-arm design – all at a remarkably low cost, in a compact, SlimLine structure. The VT6L offers 110 V and 220 V power and installs in minutes. Plus, there’s no battery required for the encoder, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Epson IntelliFlex Parts Feeding System

Powered by Epson Robots, IntelliFlex software and Vision Guide, the IntelliFlex Parts Feeding System delivers a powerful solution to accommodate a wide variety of parts.

Epson Vision Guide identifies part sizes, shapes and positions to automatically optimize picking order. The Flexible Feeder supports parts from 5 up to 40mm in size. Compatible with a wide range of parts, simple to complex as well as delicate materials.

Seamlessly integrated with the vision system, flexible feeder and Epson RC+ software, an Epson 6-Axis or SCARA robot efficiently picks the singulated parts.

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LS20 SCARA Robot

Epson LS20 SCARA Robot
Epson LS20 SCARA robots provide high performance with heavy payloads while maintaining a value price. With EPSON QMEM’s based Residual Vibration Reduction  Technology, LS20 robots can handle heavy payloads at high speeds while competitive models have to reduce speed and accel values once any reasonable payloads are added.

LS20 SCARA arms are available in 800 and 1000mm lengths with 420mm (390mm clean) Z-Axis lengths. They are also Clean ISO 4 models available. That makes for a lot of choices in the larger SCARA class of robots to make sure you get the right robot for your next application.

LS20 SCARA robots are perfect for higher payload applications such as large component pick and place, machine load/unload, palletizing, mechanical assembly, industrial part transfer and much more. When price performance is critical, Epson LS20 models deliver the high Epson Robot performance at a value price.

Epson LS20 SCARA Robot

G-Series SCARA Robot

G-Series SCARA Robot
Epson G-Series robots provide extreme Power of Choice with over 300 models available.

G1 Mini SCARA robots are perfect for small footprint, light payload applications where high precision, high speed, and high performance are required. Available in 175 and 225mm arm lengths.

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EPSON G3 351C Cleanroom
As the compact SCARA leader, Epson G3’s are their 3rd generation of compact SCARA robots. High rigidity, high speed, and high flexibility are the trademarks of Epson compact SCARA’s. G3’s are available in 250, 300 and 350mm arms. Clean/ESD also available.

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EPSON G6 553S SCARA with Vision
The G6 is the workhorse of the G-Series lineup with over 70 models available from 450-650mm in length. Clean/ESD as well as IP54 or IP65 (washdown or dustproof) models are available. G6 arms provide high speed, high performance, and high precision.

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EPSON G10 851S
High speed AND high payloads come standard with the G10. With 650 and 850mm models available, Epson G10 robots are a perfect fit for most medium size and payload applications. Clean/ESD as well as IP54 or IP65 (washdown or dustproof) models are available.

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EPSON G20 851S
With a 20Kg payload, unique high rigidity design and up to 1000mm of reach, the Epson G20 is perfect for applications that require heavy payloads and large work areas. G20 arms are available in 850 and 1000mm lengths. Clean/ESD and IP65 or IP54 (dustproof or washdown) models are available.

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RS Series SCARA Robots

Exclusive to the RS-Series robots is our new work space design which maximizes work envelope usage.

By designing the arm structure so that Joint 2 can maneuver under Joint 1, RS-Series robots utilize the entire workspace underneath the arm.  As a result, there is no lost space in the center of the work
envelope. No other robot vendor offers a 350mm SCARA arm which can work on pallets as large as 494mm x 494mm.  A pallet size this large would normally require a SCARA arm which is almost double
the size.

Unique work space design
With a new innovative arm structure the RS-Series robots utilize the entire workspace underneath the arm, defeating the “old” SCARA design limitations of lost space in the center of the work envelope.

Zero footprint robot
With the ceiling mount design and the 100% workspace utilization, RS-Series robots are a great alternative to cartesian, gantry and typical SCARA robots because they literally have a zero footprint – saving you valuable floor space.

Superior cycle throughput
RS-Series robots maneuver under themselves for the shortest movements possible, delivering superior cycle rates.

  • New, Unique Work Space Design
  • Industry Leading Work Envelope Usage
  • Arm Lengths 350 and 550m
  • Superior Cycle Throughput
  • Zero Footprint Robot
  • Extremely Flexible for Cell or Line Assembly
  • ISO 3 Clean & ESD Options
  • Fully Integrated Options including:Vision Guidance, .Net Connectivity, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, Expansion I/O and more

RS Series

Six Axis Robots

6Axis Robot
With PS3, PS5, and our longer reach PS3L models available, EPSON has a great lineup of small to mid-sized 6 Axis robots. Their Pro-Six models were designed for high performance ultra smooth motion using our Micro Power Drive Technology.

The new EPSON C3 6 Axis robots provide industry leading cycle times AND have best in class motion range. The slimline design also features a compact wrist design for increased flexibility. Cleanroom/ESD models are available.

EZ Modules 1, 2, 3 & 4 Axis Models

Combined with the EPSON RC+ PC Based Controller, EPSON EZ modules are the ultimate in ease of use but at the same time our high performance servo system helps drive EZ modules to maximum speeds, maximum throughput and the overall maximum performance possible. With 1, 2, 3 and 4 axis solutions Epson has the simple or sophisticated configuration available to fit your specific requirements. The RC520 PC Based Controller is capable of controlling up to 12 EZ module Axes so it’s easy to begin imagining the vast possibilities.

G1 Mini SCARA Robots

G1 Mini SCARA1
The new EPSON G1 Mini SCARA Robots lead the industry with best in class cycle rates, precision assembly and motion range, EPSON G1 robots provide an ultra compact yet powerful solution for even the most demanding applications. While EPSON G1 Mini SCARA robots are small in stature, they are built to the same high EPSON quality and performance standards that our customers have come to know and expect.   G1 robots are extremely rigid and can handle higher payloads and better duty cycles with faster cycle times vs. competitive models. High rigidity construction combined with superior controls enable G1 robots to achieve industry leading speed and precision which results in more profits for our customers.

G1 Mini SCARA robots are available in arm reaches of 175 or 225mm. They are also available in Clean & ESD compliant configurations. G1 robots lead the industry in footprint to workspace ratios. 225mm G1 robot arms can handle many applications with large working range requirements that other robots need 250mm of reach to handle, thus saving our customers valuable floor space.

Unique to the G1 Mini SCARA robots is that both 3 and 4 axis models are available. The new 3-axis models allow for superior performance for press fit screw tightening and linear dispensing applications. Designed for maximum performance in a small footprint, G1 robots are the most powerful and compact mini SCARAs available in the market today.

G1 Mini

Epson RC700 Controller

Epson RC700
The EPSON RC700 controller is the next generation high performance controller line with both power, open architecture and industry leading ease of use. More than just a connection to a PC, the RC700 integrates both the power of PC based controls with the with the power of a real time engine running the up to 32 tasks and the SPEL+ language. *A single RC700 can be used in a wide variety of systems, from simple single-robot uses to complex multiple-manipulator systems. Capable of controlling up to 6 axis robots, the RC700 provides superior PowerDrive servo control for super smooth motion, fast accel/decel times, and fast cycle times.

The RC700 comes standard with the latest version (7.0) of our Industry Leading EPSON RC+ Controls software and lots of fully integrated options. As the Industry Leader in ease of use, EPSON RC+ wizards, point and click setup, Jog and Teach window, Integrated Debugger, Epson Smartsense and many other features help reduce overall development time as compared to competitive robot systems. In addition, options such as Vision Guidance, .NET support (RC+ 7.0 API), EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, GUI Builder and much more are fully integrated into the EPSON RC+ development environment to maximize performance and ease of use.

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EPSON C3 Robot/Controller now available in 110 VAC Power Solution for non-standard manufacturing environments.

With more robots being used in non-manufacturing environments such as medical laboratories, clinics, hospitals and even office environments, 220 VAC is many times not available or requires dropping special electrical lines in walls, etc. which can be expensive and is sometimes not possible. For many facilities, being able to run robots using readily available 110 VAC power is critical. The ESPON compact 110 VAC C3 6-Axis robots are a perfect fit for these environments and are an ideal solution for handling prototyping, testing, research and other lab oriented applications.
C3 110VAC Robot

Leading the industry with best in class cycle time, precision and motion range, EPSON’s C3 robots provide superior performance for even the most demanding and complex applications. EPSON C3 robots are ideal for small parts assembly, dispensing, lab automation, medical device assembly, machine tending, material handling, packaging, electronics and many other applications.

The high performance 110 VAC power solution with the C3 Compact 6 Axis Robot is available with industry leading True PC Based RC620+ controller which provides the power and flexibility of an open architecture solution that EPSON PC based controls are famous for.

The EPSON RC620+ controller provides the ultimate experience in ease of use with our powerful EPSON RC+ Controls software and lots of fully integrated options such as: Vision Guidance, .Net support, Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP and much much more.

Why choose a low performance solution when you can have a high performance EPSON C3 with the powerful EPSON RC620+ PC Based Controller?

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