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Crouzet Automation is a pioneer in the simplification of programming. The brand offers the easiest-to-use and most adaptable alternative automation solution for specialized and demanding needs.

Manufactured in compliance with the most stringent quality and environmental standards, their products are specifically suited for integration in a wide range of applications such as waste and water treatment, access control, renewable energies, building equipment, industrial machines and transportation.

Millenium 3

Crouzet Millinemium 3 Controller
The Millenium 3 Smart logic controller is the easiest programmable module to use on the market. Easy to program and to implement, it enables the control and monitoring of machines and automation installations with up to 50 I/O. It is positioned right at the heart of the Crouzet Automation range.

The Millenium 3 range offers many possibilities and advantages:

  • Multiple configuration options thanks to an extensive range and numerous accessories
  • Simplified connectivity, making integration of communication systems easy
  • Easy implementation, thanks to the free user-friendly programming software (M3 Soft)
  • Set up of application-specific solutions thanks to dedicated and easy to implement function blocks
  • Enhanced visibility of the display with its blue back lit LCD screen

Millenium 3

em4 Nano-PLC

Crouzet em4 Nano-PLC
em4 is more than just a nano-PLC: it is a leading edge device supported by best-in-class tools that enables you to create and implement the smartest automation applications.

em4 is an all in one nano-PLC for control, easy remote management and remote maintenance of a fleet of machines via efficient and secure protocol and infrastructure. em4 makes your data accessible anywhere, anytime, on a smartphone or a PC.

  • em4remote
  • em4 alert
  • em4 local
  • expansion modules
  • Interfaces & wireless antennas

em4 Nano-PLC

MTP Programmable Touch Panels

Crouzet MTP Touch Panels
Crouzet’s new Millenium MTP6/50, MTP8/50 and MTP8/70 Touch Panels, consisting of a 65536-colour LCD touch screen, display all the text, data, graphics and animations that your applications require. Using trend charts, it is now possible, in real time and in situ, to analyse data relating to the machine connected to the panel (log, tracking, fault detection, etc).

Equipped with a 400 MHz processor, these panels can be used to process alarms and run previously defined recipes. To manage your data, back it up, analyse and re-use it, they have a “data archiving” module that comes in 3 formats depending on the model.

  • Compact resistive touch panels
  • Wide viewing angle: 70° horizontally and vertically
  • 65536 colors LCD technology
  • Text, data, graphic, animation display
  • Processing of alarms and recipes
  • 128 MB flash memory storage as a standard, on SD card or USB key: optional

MTP Touch Panels

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