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Whether for object or position recognition, measuring, a miniaturized or exceptionally robust design – Baumer has the right sensor for every application. Different sensor functions in standard housings ease assembly for the user and limit the setup time to a minimum. Baumer can supply a wide range from inductive to vision sensors and advise you comprehensively.

Baumer AlphaProx Inductive Distance Measuring Sensors

Baumer AlphaProx
Baumer AlphaProx family are the perfect solution for reliable non-contact measurement of changes in the position of metal objects. Thanks to their high temperature stability in connection with large measuring distances, the high degree of consistency and their robustness, the sensors are ideally suited for measuring positions and angles, controlling and monitoring belt tension, controlling sag and measuring low-frequency vibrations.

AlphaProx high sensitivity sensors are a cost-effective, non-contact alternative to eddy current sensors and strain gauges.

  • Long service life and protection against damage thanks to a 50% larger measuring range
  • No individual alignment necessary thanks to linearized characteristics and negligible deviations from sensor to sensor
  • AlphaProx high sensitivity sensors – the cost-effective, non-contact alternative to eddy current sensors and strain gauges
  • Compensation of installation tolerances and minimal set-up times thanks to the new 1-point teaching process

Baumer Industrial cameras & Vision sensors

Vision Sensors
VeriSens® is a compact image processing system in the shape of a sensor. Typical applications among many others are packaging and quality inspection. As a true inline solution, different product attributes can be easily checked directly after a manufacturing step. Defective parts can then be rejected immediately.

Flexibility and versatility of image based part verification is a must for many users today. VeriSens® is the ideal component. As a complete image processing system, it includes all necessary hardware and software. It can be configured intuitively using a PC.

  • VeriSens ID Series – read matrix codes, bar codes and optionally text(OCR/OCV)
  • VeriSens CS Series – Entry level model for feature checking in Check & Sort applications
  • VeriSens XF Series – Feature checking of up to 32 features concurrently, as well as integrated 360° position detection, lighting and 10mm/16mm lens
  • VeriSens XC Series – With integrated flash controller, C –mount lenses, CCD sensor technology
  • VeriSens Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel housing for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

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Digital Cameras

Baumer Digital Cameras

Baumer’s digital cameras are developed especially for demanding tasks. Our portfolio includes matrix cameras in color and monochrome versions as well as resolution ranging from VGA to 8 megapixels. The cameras are based on innovative technologies such as CCD and CMOS and include all relevant standard interfaces (GigE Vision®, CameraLink® and FireWire™)

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CFAK 12 sensor
Capacitive fill level sensor for soiled media
Baumer’s new CFAK 12 capacitive fill level sensor detects conductive liquids while suppressing dirt particles and detergent residues.

When detecting fill levels in soiled media, conventional capacitive sensors are susceptible to suspended solids that influence their switching behavior in a negative manner. The new CFAK 12 is the smart remedy for these applications. Incorporated into a grounded metal basin it monitors the fill levels of water and water-based fluids.

Thanks to its special housing design and the plane plastic surface, dirt particles hardly adhere to the sensor.

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Measuring laser sensor for distances up to 4 m independent of object color
The OADM 250 laser distance sensor is based on time of flight technology. Sensors of the same size working with the triangulation principle reach their limit at distances of 1 m. This is where the OADM 250 comes in. It is suitable for applications in which distances between 0.2 m and 4 m have to be measured. Thanks to a special calibration, the measurement is independent of the object color and surface properties. The repeat accuracy (+/- 5 mm), linearity (+/‑ 20 mm) and short measuring repetition rate of 10 ms allow precise measurements also on moving objects.

The compact design of the sensor facilitates its integration into the application, and especially any retrofitting.  The integrated standard alarm output improves the process safety. This output reports if the sensor cannot interpret the received signal due to too heavy soiling.

The measuring range of the OADM 250 can be adjusted with Baumer’s standardized, very easy teach-in process via a teach-in button or the connector cable. The robust metal housing, the washable glass pane, and protection class IP 67 guarantee a high durability, even in harsh industrial applications.

OADM250 Data sheet