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Anderson Fittings is one of the largest and most trusted domestic manufacturers of brass fittings. Frankfort, IL is home to our brass OEM machining plant. This facility is committed to manufacturing brass fittings and components to specific customer specifications. Frankfort is ISO 9001 certified and houses both high volume and short-run manufacturing expertise. Also, the Frankfort team specializes in machining many different brass alloys including standard CA360, Red Brass, PbF (Lead Free) Brass, DZR and others.

Pipe Fitting
Anderson povides several variaties of Brass fittings including pip fittings for air, oil, water, hydraulic fluid, lubricant and other applications which use brass, copper, and iron pipe. Comression fiitings with rated working pressures up to 400 PSI. Their polyfit tittings offer excellent vibration resistance while they also offer a complete line of barb fittings.

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