Advance Automation Company Cylinders

Advanced Automation Company
Advance Automation Company began in 1960 with one man’s vision to provide the marketplace with a superior air cylinder that incorporated the "advance design" concept.  The "advance design" concept utilizes high grade extruded aluminum caps and heads, cast bronze bushing for high tensil strength and the nylon piston bearing strip provides better wear and stability.

A Pioneer in aluminum-bodied cylinders

Thousands of Advance Automation Company cylinders are meeting a wide variety of fluid power applications in industries such as packaging, automotive, dairy and car wash. Advance Automation Company adheres to high standards in product quality as well as service.  The company prides itself on outstanding quality control. 
R Cylinder

As other manufacturers have attempted to "be all things to all people," Advance Automation Company has remained focused on its core business: providing the best air cylinder available to solve its customers’ fluid power problems.