SFE Filters enable direct exhaust of air in a clean room

SFE Filters The SFE filter’s hollow fiber membrane filter traps and filtrates the impurities from the compressed air through the overlapping layered fine holes. Air can be directly exhausted in a clean room simply by mounting this product to the pneumatic equipment in the clean room.

  • No need for piping for exhaust air and relief air.
  • Reduces piping installation work and space.
  • Filtration rating : 0.01μm (Trapping efficiency 99.99%)
  • Maximum flow capacity : 200 L/min (ANR)
  • Noise reduction : 30 dB (A) or more

SMC AC-Series 5 micron filtration FRL Series

SMC introduces the New and improved air preparation equipment to make sure that your machine gets the appropriate air quality that it needs with standard 5 micron filtration rating.

SMC AC Series Air Preparation UnitsThe new AC series air combination unit can be assembled in multiple configurations and offers many benefits:

  • Improved flow performance
  • Dual Layered Polycarbonate bowl
  • Easy maintenance and installation with newly designed spacer
  • Mounting completely interchangeable to previous versions
  • Standard backflow function to safely exhaust residual pressure
  • RoHS compliant