SMC Series IDFB Refrigerated Air Dryers offer trouble free compressed air treatement

SMC IDFB Refrigerated Air DryerSMC dryers are insurance for down stream components, and in the long run, allow for sustainable performance and production for an end customer.  The dryer lowers the dew point of the compresses air to an acceptable level, removing moisture/water from the compressed air lines. When considering a refrigerated dryer, Series IDFB can meet your dew point or dry air requirements for your compressed air.

  • Environmentally friendly R134a/R407C refrigerant
  • Simple control system, incorporating easy to read evaporator gauge
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger providing long life and low pressure drops – prevents rust formation
  • Compact design with staggered inlet/outlet ports for ease of installation – auto drain installed inside the dryer
  • 3/8″ push-in condensate drain port