Ohlheiser supports a large selection of mechanical products, such as gear reducers and gear motors, linear motion components, motors, industrial controls, bearings and more.

Featured Vendors

  • Akribis Distributor


    Akribis — driven by innovation and known for precision — designs and manufactures motors, stages and precision systems. Akribis products are used in a variety of applications, including manufacturing, inspection, and testing. Ohlheiser offers Akribis products —such as linear, direct drive, voice coil motors, drives and controllers and more.
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  • Apex Dynamics Distributor

    Apex Dynamics

    Apex Dynamics, a leader in the planetary gearhead industry, focuses on unparalleled quality, delivery and cost. Ohlheiser offers a complete line of Apex Dynamics products, including in- line, right angle, spiral bevel and rack-and-pinion gearboxes.
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  • Desoutter Distributor

    Desoutter Industrial Tools

    Desoutter Industrial Tools are used by a wide variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and general and light industries. With creative design and flexible applications, Desoutter has been long committed to innovation for their customers. Ohlheiser offers many Desoutter Industrial Tools, including air motors, screwdrivers and autofeed drills.
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    DESTACO, a Dover Company, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance automation, workholding, and remote handling solutions. The Company serves customers in a variety of end-markets, including the automotive, life sciences, consumer goods, packaging, aerospace, and nuclear sectors.
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  • GAM Distributor


    NGAM, known for its flexibility and engineering expertise, offers a robust set of solutions for manufacturers. Ohlheiser offers a wide array of GAM products, including gear reducers, servo couplings, linear mounting kits and other innovative solutions.
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  • KURODA products


    KURODA is a leading name in the design, manufacture and supply of linear and rotary motion products and services, renowned for high quality design and manufacturing.
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  • MK Conveyor

    MK Conveyor is known for the variety and flexibility of their product range, which have proven successful in a broad array of applications and industries. Ohlheiser offers MK’s aluminum conveyors, workpiece pallet-handling conveyor systems, and stainless steel conveyors, and extruded aluminum framing (including guarding and linear motion systems).
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  • NB Linear Distributor

    NB Linear

    NB Linear products are a perfect fit for many applications, from general industrial to precision machinery. High quality and outstanding reliability are hallmarks of all of their product lines. Ohlheiser offers many NB Linear products, including the slide guide, top ball, slide way, ball spline, actuator, slide bush, slide screw, shaft stroke bush and slide rotary bush.
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  • Neugart Distributor


    Neugart, known for highly integrated precision gears, serves customers in the packaging, machine tooling, food and beverage, medical, printing, and agricultural industries. Ohlheiser offers many Neugart products including the PLE, PLFE, PLN and WPLN product lines.
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  • Nexen Distributor


    Nexen provides ideal solutions for factory automation and focuses on the medical, machine tool, automotive, packaging and material handling industries. Ohlheiser offers many Nexen products, including roller pinion systems, rod locks, servo motor brakes, ball screw brakes, linear couplings, harmonic gearheads, precision-ring drive indexers and indexer brakes.
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  • Parco Distributor


    Parco serves the manufacturing, automotive and medical industries with thousands of products with outstanding expertise in t-slotted aluminum extrusion. Ohlheiser offers many Parco products, including workstations, stairs, platforms, crossovers, safety guarding, safety yellow powder coated extrusion, material handling and gravity flow racks.
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  • R.T.A Distributor


    A premier network of companies in the motion control industry, The R.T.A. Group has been leading the way since 1976 in more than 39 countries worldwide, offering solutions for a wide range of industries. Ohlheiser offers R.T.A. gearboxes, which combine high performance with optimal reliability for a comprehensive list of mechanical applications.
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  • Stabilus Distributor


    Stabilus products have a diverse set of applications including automotive, furniture, medical, agricultural, construction, machine and industrial use. Stabilus is known for quality and complies with all important international and industrial certification standards including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 16949:2009 and more. Ohlheiser offers many Stabilus products, including non-locking gas springs, locking gas springs, dampers, swivel chairs gas springs and automatic lid drive systems.
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  • Stober Distributor


    With more than 80 years of experience, STOBER sets the standard for quality gearboxes. STOBER serves industries such as automation, automotive manufacturing, beverage and food processing, medical production and many more. Ohlheiser offers a complete line of STOBER products, including gear reducers, rack-and-pinion systems, motors and gearheads.
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Value Added Services

Ohlheiser provides custom sub-assembly services to help you reduce costs, increase productivity and improve profitability.

Our services include:

  • Design assistance
  • Custom products specification
  • Sub-assembly fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Just-In-Time shipping

We work with you to ensure that custom components meet your exact specifications, and we stand behind our products: Your custom-assembled components will produce accurate, reliable results and are sure to last for years to come.