Industrial Safety

Ohlheiser supports a large selection of industrial safety products, such as safety light curtains, safety scanners, safety mats and interlock switches for a number of industrial applications.

Featured Vendors

  • BACO Controls Distributor

    BACO Controls

    BACO products have been used in countless applications from manufacturing to military to space exploration to medical research equipment. All BACO products carry a 10-year guarantee, a testament to their reliability and durability. Ohlheiser offers many BACO components including push buttons, CAM switches and disconnect switches.
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  • Banner Engineering

    Banner Engineering’s are used to solve challenging problems and achieve industrial safety goals. Founded by Bob Fayfield in 1966, Banner Engineering has a long history of providing industrial safety solutions.
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  • EUCHNER Distributor


    EUCHNER, a leader in industrial safety engineering, is known for quality, reliability and precision. Ohlheiser offers many EUCHNER products, including safety switches, safety relays, enabling switches, sensors, automation products, ManMachine products and safety systems.
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  • Faztek Distributor


    Faztek is a leader in T-Slotted aluminum extrusion framing systems. These modular aluminum extrusions are ideal for constructing machine guards, machine bases, work stations, material handling units, automation systems and much more.
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  • MK Conveyor

    MK Aluminum Framing and t-slot aluminum extrusions are highly versatile can be used for machine bases, safety enclosures, perimeter guards, tool racks, robot stands, carts, workstations, display units or something else.
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  • Nexen Distributor


    Nexen provides ideal solutions for factory automation and focuses on the medical, machine tool, automotive, packaging and material handling industries. Ohlheiser offers many Nexen products, including roller pinion systems, rod locks, servo motor brakes, ball screw brakes, linear couplings, harmonic gearheads, precision-ring drive indexers and indexer brakes.
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  • Panasonic Safety Products


    Panasonic Industrial Automation Solutions are used in countless applications, including automotive, semiconductor, packaging, OEM and more. Even with advanced technical capabilities, Panasonic products are still cost-effective for automation control solutions. Ohlheiser offers many Panasonic products including PLC Products, HMI Products, MINAS E Series, MINAS A4 Family, MINAS A5 Family, machine vision and ID products, UV curing systems, timers, counters, hour meters, temperature controllers and laser markers.
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  • Parco Inc

    Parco Inc.

    Few know t-slotted aluminum extrusion as well as Parco does. They have 50-plus years of designing, fabricating, and assembling innovative t-slotted aluminum extrusion solutions for the manufacturing, automotive, and medical industries.

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  • PULS Distributor


    PULS delivers the most technologically advanced supplies to the automotive, machine building, material handling, energy, building automation and railway industries. Ohlheiser offers PULS products, such as Dimension, MiniLine and SilverLine product lines.
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  • SMC Distributor


    SMC products are found in a broad range of applications, including the semiconductor, automotive, packaging, medical, and specialty machine and machine tool industries. Customers expect innovative design, unsurpassed quality and high performance — and SMC delivers. Ohlheiser offers many SMC products including valves, actuators, airline equipment, connectors, regulators, diaphragms, check valves and vacuum generators.
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  • Stabilus Distributor


    Stabilus products have a diverse set of applications, including automotive, furniture, medical, agricultural, construction, machine and industrial use. Stabilus is known for quality and complies with all important international and industrial certification standards including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 16949:2009 and more. Ohlheiser offers many Stabilus products, including non-locking gas springs, locking gas springs, dampers, swivel chairs gas springs and automatic lid drive systems.
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  • Turck Distributor


    Turck is known for innovative products that excel in the toughest conditions, which is why their technologies are used by the automotive, chemical, energy, food and beverage, oil and gas, packaging, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries. Ohlheiser offers many Turck products, including sensors, connectors, cables, cordsets, encoders, interfaces technologies, linear displacement transducers, relays, fieldbus technologies and identification systems.
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  • WERMA Distributor


    WERMA products operate in the most extreme conditions for a diverse array of applications, including mechanical engineering, machine safety, plant engineering, automotive, industry networking, logistics and shipping, clean rooms, food and beverage, and building services. Ohlheiser offers many WERMA products, including modular signal towers; one-piece signal towers; optical signal devices; audible signal devices; combination, optical-audible signal devices; and signal devices for explosive environments.
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Value Added Services

Ohlheiser provides custom sub-assembly services to help you reduce costs, increase productivity and improve profitability.

Our services include:

  • Design assistance
  • Custom products specification
  • Sub-assembly fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) shipping

We work with you to ensure that custom components meet your exact specifications, and we stand behind our products: Your custom-assembled components will produce accurate, reliable results and are sure to last for years to come.