Fluid Power: Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipment & Services

Ohlheiser maintains an extensive inventory of the most innovative fluid power products, including pneumatic cylinders, actuators, tubing and fittings, valves and more.

As an ISO 9001:2015 registered quality management system organization, Ohlheiser demonstrates a strong and continued commitment to the highest standards. Ohlheiser is a leading-edge facility with an environment appropriate for assembling components for manufacturing, medical, food and beverage, aerospace, semiconductor and engineering applications.

Ohlheiser’s Fluid Power Offerings Include:

  • Air Compressor products, repair, and service
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Air filtration systems
  • Fluid power automation equipment
  • Custom assembly services for fluid power systems
  • Parts and components for pneumatic, hydraulic, and other fluid power applications

Fluid Power Value Added Services

Ohlheiser provides custom sub-assembly services to help you reduce costs, increase productivity and improve profitability.

Our services include:

  • Fluid power design assistance
  • Custom products specification
  • Sub-assembly fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Just-In-Time shipping

We work with you to ensure that custom components meet your exact specifications, and we stand behind our products: Your custom-assembled components will produce accurate, reliable results and are sure to last for years to come.

Featured Industrial Pneumatic & Hydraulic Equipment Vendors & Suppliers

  • Advance Automation Co. Distributor

    Advance Automation Co.

    Advance Automation products — composed of a combination of high-grade extruded aluminum, cast bronze and nylon piston bearing strips — feature unique cushion designs and superior quality. Ohlheiser offers many Advance Automation products, including NFPA Cylinders, OEM Economy Series, R Series and air-oil tank limit switches.
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  • Airpot Distributor

    Airpel & Airpot

    Airpel and Airpot products can be found anywhere from high-tech equipment to engines to HVAC to the International Space Station. With a unique seal-less construction and combination of materials, Airpel and Airpot fluid power products are sure to last. Ohlheiser offers many Airpel and Airpot products, including pneumatic piston and cylinder motion dampers and actuators.
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  • Anderson Fittings Distributor

    Anderson Fittings

    Anderson Fittings products are used for many different purposes, including plumbing, gas, fire suppression, trucking, HVAC, appliances, food and beverage and more. All manufacturing is based in the United States and features innovative solutions and outstanding technical abilities. Ohlheiser offers many Anderson Fittings products including brass and pipe fittings for air, oil, water, hydraulic fluid, lubricant applications and more.
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  • AP Tech Distributor

    AP Tech

    AP Tech, a global leader in pressure regulators and valves, manufactures a wide range of gas delivery components and serves many industries delivering specialty and bulk gases for a wide variety of applications. AP Tech products are used in many industries, including semiconductor wafer fabrication, and solar and flat panel displays, to name a few. Ohlheiser offers many AP Tech products, including pressure regulators, valves and flow devices.
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  • Bonomi Distributor


    Bonomi mechanical devices span a range of industries such as plumbing, industrial and multiutility markets. As a leader in hydraulics and heating, Bonomi is known for quality and excellence. Ohlheiser offers Bonomi ball valve products.
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  • CEJN Distributor


    CEJN serves a diverse array of industries such as agriculture, automotive, construction, off-shore, medical, marine, transportation, wind power and rescue, and more. Ohlheiser offers many CEJN products including couplings and coupling systems for compressed air, high- and low-pressure hydraulics, breathing air and fluids.
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  • Coilhose Pneumatics Distributor

    Coilhose Pneumatics

    Coilhose Pneumatics products feature unsurpassed quality and superior product design, serving a wide range of industries. Ohlheiser offers many Coilhose Pneumatics products, including hoses, tubing, blowguns, FRLs and quick disconnects.
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  • Freelin-Wade Distributor


    Freelin-Wade products are highly valued by the dental, medical, food and beverage, robotic products and electronic industries. Known for reliable, worry-free tubing, Freelin-Wade makes a broad range of products as well as custom applications. Ohlheiser offers many Freelin-Wade products including nylon tubing, plastic tubing, coil tubing and polyethylene tubing.
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  • Gast Distributor


    Gast products — featuring rugged construction and reliability — are used for many applications in the environmental, food and beverage, industrial, transportation, medical, packaging, and material handling industries. Ohlheiser offers many Gast products, including compressors, pumps, tank systems, air motors and gear motors.
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  • JUN-AIR Distributor


    JUN-AIR air compressors can be found just about anywhere, including dental clinics, laboratories, health care facilities and original equipment manufacturers. JUN-AIR is a leading supplier of quiet air compressors featuring reliable, clean air. Ohlheiser offers many JUN-AIR compressors and accessories.
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  • Kuriyama Distributor


    More than 50 years ago, Kuriyama started developing hose products and accessories for use in industrial and commercial applications. Ohlheiser offers Koriyama’s complete line of thermoplastic, rubber and metal hose products and accessories including couplings and fittings.
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  • LinkTech Distributor


    LinkTech products are extremely well-suited for use with durable and disposable medical equipment, analytical devices, food and beverage production, and industrial applications. With clean room manufacturing and precision components, it’s no wonder LinkTech is recognized as an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. Ohlheiser offers many LinkTech products, including quick couplings, valves and fittings.
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  • Midland Metal Manufacturing Distributor

    Midland Metal Manufacturing

    With more than 40 years of experience, Midland Metal Manufacturing fittings are made to exact specifications. Ohlheiser offers the complete Midland Metal Manufacturing product line, including ball valves, cast fittings and nipples, hose clamps, hydraulic adapters and pneumatic accessories.
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  • Nordson MEDICAL Distributor

    Nordson MEDICAL

    Nordson MEDICAL products — known for innovation and quality — are used for many applications including medical equipment, analytical devices and a wide range of uses in the food and beverage industry. Ohlheiser offers the complete line of Nordson MEDICAL quick connect couplings including straight, panel mount, and elbow configurations in plastic and metal.
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  • Northland Motor Technologies Distributor

    Northland Motor Technologies

    Northland Motor Technologies develops and manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic system solutions for incorporation into OEM products. With a focus on critical processes, Northland Motor Technologies products are suitable to applications that require moderate to high production rates. Ohlheiser offers the complete line of motors with a variety of voltage, power, flow and fan stage specifications.
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  • Nycoil Distributor


    Nycoil products are designed to last longer, be lighter and make installation and handling easier. Ohlheiser offers a wide selection of Nycoili products, including tubing, hoses, fittings, and quick couplers to service your pneumatic needs.
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  • S-LOK Distributor


    S-LOK fittings and valves are engineered for ultimate precision and accuracy, and feature interchangeability and corrosion resistance. Ohlheiser offers many S-LOK products, pipe fittings, instrument valves, and stainless-steel instrumentation tubing.
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  • SMC Distributor


    SMC products are found in a broad range of applications, including the semiconductor, automotive, packaging, medical, and specialty machine and machine tool industries. Customers expect innovative design, unsurpassed quality and high performance — and SMC delivers. Ohlheiser offers many SMC products including valves, actuators, airline equipment, connectors, regulators, diaphragms, check valves and vacuum generators.
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  • Solberg Distributor


    Solberg engineers, manufactures, and delivers filtration products for the most challenging applications, including compressors, turbines, vacuum pumps and reciprocating engines. Ohlheiser offers many Solberg products, including filters, silencers and separators.
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  • Stabilus Distributor


    Stabilus products have a diverse set of applications including automotive, furniture, medical, agricultural, construction, machine and industrial use. Stabilus is known for quality and complies with all important international and industrial certification standards including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 16949:2009 and more. Ohlheiser offers many Stabilus products, including non-locking gas springs, locking gas springs, dampers, swivel chairs gas springs and automatic lid drive systems.
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  • Tolomatic Distributor


    Tolomatic industrial automation products are used in a wide range of industries, including packaging, food processing, material handling, semiconductor, medical, automotive and more. With more than 50 years of innovation, Tolomatic is known for durable design and reliable products. Ohlheiser offers many Tolomatic automation and fluid power products, including actuators, servo drive and motor systems, and pneumatic cylinders.
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  • VMECA Distributor


    VMECA is an ISO certified manufacturer committed to high technology, outstanding quality, unmatched productivity and tremendous cost efficiency. Ohlheiser offers many VMECA products, including air-powered vacuum pumps, suction cups and accessories.
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  • Vortec Distributor


    Vortec’s line of innovative compressed air products are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including cooling, cleaning, conveying and maintenance solutions. Ohlheiser offers many Vortec products, including vortex tubes, cold air guns, enclosure coolers, nozzles, jets, transvectors and air knives and drum pumps and vacuums.
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  • WIKA Distributor


    WIKA serves such numerous industries as the mobile, industrial, HVAC, air handling, refrigeration, technical gases and semiconductor markets. Precise design and unparalleled quality are the key characteristics of their measurement portfolio. Ohlheiser offers many WIKA products, including pressure gauges, transmitter switches, level measurements, electrical temperatures, and electronic meters and displays.
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