Epson S5 Mid-Range 6-Axis Robot

Epson S5 robotFast cycles, heavy payloads
The EPSON S5 Series of 6-axis robots provide superior performance along with industry leading PC based controls. Whether you are looking for high speed, low vibration, higher payloads, more reach or robots for special environment use, EPSON has the S5 model to fit your application requirements.

The S5 has a rigid arm design combined with advanced EPSON Servo control technology which results in high speed motion AND low vibration even when high precision high speed cycles are required. All S5 6-Axis robots feature brakes on all axes and have the flexibility of being mounted in table top, wall or ceiling mount configurations.

SMC EX600 I/O System – Network Solutions

SMC EX600 Total application flexibility

The EX600 Series I/O system represents the next logical step in the evolution of electronic/pneumatic control systems. While simple network I/O devices suffice in many applications, the EX600 allows for a much more comprehensive system design.

A full suite of diagnostics and programmable parameters allow the EX600 to meet the most stringent requirements.  The SI Unit is the key building block of the system. To it, various I/O blocks and valve manifolds can be connected. The EX600 can be configured as a centralized or a de-centralized I/O system, or a combination of both.