SMC – ISE Series Pressure Switches

Digital Pressure & Vacuum Switches  – Series ISE (Pressure) / ZSE (Vacuum)

SMC Pressure SwitchThe versatile ISE/ZSE family of switches should be your first choice for economical detection solutions. These electronic models offer 2-color indication and can be operated in normal, hysteresis, or window comparator modes.  Measurement/display units can be changed on most units so a single switch can be used on equipment destined for multiple global regions.

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Baumer Series 90 Ultrasonic Sensors

Baumer 90 SeriesBaumer is launching its new Series 90 ultrasonic sensors for detecting very small objects in openings with small diameters. The sensors are equipped with a special nozzle which allows them to measure into openings of a minimum of 3 mm in diameter.  Thanks to the rectangular housing with a width of only 9 mm, they are ideally suited for applications with limited space and can even be cascaded.

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SMC Product Mini Panels

SMC Products Mini PanelsSMC Product Mini Panels are the solution! Ohlheiser’s sales team have access  to a large inventory of SMC Product Mini Panels to help you stay competitive.

SMC Product Mini Panels are compact “briefcase” sized portable units ready to be powered with pressurized air and electricity to transform into working displays. They can be exhibited individually or combined to create your very own, customized “Trade Show”.

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Baumer IWFM 08 Series Sensors

Baumer introduces the IWFM 08 Series of Inductive Sensors, for limited space distance measurement and positioning applications involving metal targets.

IWFM 08 Series Inductive Sensors are designed for use in a wide variety of factory automation and assembly/handling applications including automotive production, electronic manufacturing, injection molding, laboratory automation, medical equipment, metalworking, packaging, printing/graphics, solar cell/PV manufacturing, textile production, and wood/lumber processing.