Turck Ultrasonic Sensor Family RU-U

Turck RUUIncreased performance with fewer variants

The New RU-U ultrasonic sensors from Turck offer unmatched mid-range sensing.  The new ultrasonic sensor series with short blind zones and large measuring ranges reduces the number of variants required for sensing distances up to 300 centimeters.

The RU-U series offers three sensor lines with short blind zones and a long measuring ranges that can be taught directly on the sensor via pin 5 covering all requirements, regardless of whether analog or switching outputs are needed.  The high-end version also offers parameterization and communication via IO-Link.

Panasonic IP67 Cylindrical Photoelectric & Proximity Sensors

Ohlheiser Panasonic sensorsThe low cost CY-100 photoelectric and GX-M inductive proximity sensors offer a wide range of models to fit your application needs.  Both sensors are available with 2m cable lengths or with M12 plug-in connector.

The New CY-100 series cylindrical photoelectric sensors provides a low cost, basic sensing solution

The New GX-M series cylindrical inductive proximity sensors feature high speed response frequency, and a high environmental resistance making this series is the new standard for metal sensing in the Panasonic line. M8, M12, M18, and M30 sizes are available.


SMC PS1 Series Miniature Pressure/Vacuum Sensor

PS1The air checker, PS1 series, electronic pressure switch is available for positive pressure and for vacuum. PS1 is extremely compact and lightweight. One-Touch Stud Fits into KQ2 Series Fittings for Simplified Installations. A 2-wire switch is applicable to either NPN or PNP output.

  • Simple Pressure or Vacuum Switch Potentiometer Adjustment
  • LED Indicator Standard
  • Two Wire Design Allow Use in PNP or NPN Applications

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SMC PF3W Digital Flow Switch

PF3W SMC’s PF3W digital flow switch is perfect for applications requiring a constantly monitored flow of cooling or cleaning water. The PF3W series has been improved both in design and operating performance over the PF2W flow switch with a smaller size and the addition of 2 screens, incorporating 3-color numerical rotatable displays.

WIKA Intrinsically Safe Hazardous Area Pressure Transmitters

IS 20 Intrinsically Safe TransmittersThe IS-20 series of intrinsically safe pressure transmitters are designed for industrial pressure measurement applications in hazardous areas where intrinsically safe ratings are required.   The stainless steel wetted parts feature an all-welded measuring cell for improved media compatibility. There are no internal soft sealing materials that may react with the media or deteriorate over time.

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SMC Digital Switch Setting System

New Switch Setting Software

SMC continues to find new ways to strengthen partnerships with our distributor network and with our customers. Today’s announcement includes an addition to the growing electronic tool base – a new Digital Switch Setting System. This system includes clear instructions on how to configure settings for digital pressure and flow switches. It also offers options to select or enter the setup screen specifications and conditions for each SMC switch series.