SMC Pneumatic – XT661 Non-contact Cyclone Vacuum Pads

With the cyclone pad non-contact conveyance is possible.  Air from the supply port is ejected from a nozzle on the cylindrical side to generate a whirlwind flow inside the cylinder which creates a vacuum. Supply air is discharged to the atmosphere from between the suction surface and the workpiece. As a result, an air layer is generated between the cyclone pad and the workpiece, resulting in the workpiece being lifted without contact.

Baumer Inductive Proximity Sensors

Baumer Inductive Proximity Sensors Baumer inductive proximity switches monitor presence, movement and position. They deliver standard products in various housing sizes with different sensing distances. These include miniature sensors with fully integrated processing electronics for applications in cramped spaces as well as especially robust sensors for outdoors and hygienic applications.

Baumer IWFM 08 Series Sensors

Baumer introduces the IWFM 08 Series of Inductive Sensors, for limited space distance measurement and positioning applications involving metal targets.

IWFM 08 Series Inductive Sensors are designed for use in a wide variety of factory automation and assembly/handling applications including automotive production, electronic manufacturing, injection molding, laboratory automation, medical equipment, metalworking, packaging, printing/graphics, solar cell/PV manufacturing, textile production, and wood/lumber processing.

SMC Pneumatics – Compact High Purity Valves

SMC Pneuamtics LVD Series ValvesThe LVD series are space saving, compact type, air operated high purity valves, which are designed to overcome the harsh environments often encountered in wet process applications. Its resin fluid path, makes it the perfect choice when working with acids, alkalis and ultra pure water. The LVD valves have PFA body materials and integral fittings (Hyper Fitting series LQ1 and clean series KP).

Epson Robots – Epson PC Based Controller

Up to 20 axes of motion… ALL FROM ONE CONTROLLER!
Epson PC Based Controller
The new RC620+, EPSON’s 4th generation open architecture PC based workcell controller. The high performance RC620+ provides the ultimate experience of industry leading ease of use with EPSON RC+ development software. Leading the industry in PC based controls for industrial robots, the powerful RC620+ is capable of controlling up to 4 SCARA robots, 3 Six Axis robots or 2 SCARA and 2 Six Axis.

SMC Pneumatics – In-line Vacuum Filter

In-line suction filtersThe ZFC05 is a  lightweight in-line type air suction filter that prevents trouble in vacuum equipment due to contaminants in the air.  This space saving filter is available in Metric Sizes of Ø2, Ø3.2, Ø4, Ø6 and Ø8 as well as inch sizes Ø1/8”, Ø5/32”, Ø3/4” and Ø5/16”.  The ZFC05 includes; One-touch fittings for easy installation and removal and cartridge type design allows for element replacement.