SFE Filters enable direct exhaust of air in a clean room

SFE Filters The SFE filter’s hollow fiber membrane filter traps and filtrates the impurities from the compressed air through the overlapping layered fine holes. Air can be directly exhausted in a clean room simply by mounting this product to the pneumatic equipment in the clean room.

  • No need for piping for exhaust air and relief air.
  • Reduces piping installation work and space.
  • Filtration rating : 0.01μm (Trapping efficiency 99.99%)
  • Maximum flow capacity : 200 L/min (ANR)
  • Noise reduction : 30 dB (A) or more

Panasonic SF4B-C Series Type 4 Safety Light Curtains

Compact and lightweight design with advanced functionality! Panaonic SF4B-C light curtain

The new Panasonic SF4B-C safety light curtain utilizes a proprietary double-structure enclosure which features a lightweight plastic body with a metal inner frame to increase overall toughness.  Because of the compact size, the SF4B-C Series can be mounted flush to a machine frame, thus minimizing the device clearance, all while maintaining zero dead zone coverage.

SMC HRSE Seires Thermo Chiller

Triple Control reduces power consumption up to 33%

HRSEEnergy-saving features are available on SMC’s HRS series general-purpose chiller, reducing power consumption up to 33% compared to the standard model.

Series HRSE Chillers increase machine throughput by quickly maintaining temperature throughout your manufacturing process.  Triple Control means that compressor, fan and electronic control valve all can be controlled depending on the heat load from the user’s equipment.

Epson NEW C4 6-Axis Robots

Epson C4 robotMore Payload and Faster Speeds

Introducing the new Epson C4 and C4L compact 6-Axis robots. With faster speeds and more payload capability while keeping the SlimLine design, Epson C4 and C4L robots provide superior performance for even the most demanding and complex applications.  The new C4 arms extend the capabilities of the C3 by adding more speed and payload while maintaining the unique SlimLine design.

SMC MXQ-Z Slide Table Actuator

SMC Slide Table ActuatorRe-inventing the Standard for Slide Table Actuators!

The slide table was a breakthrough product when it was first introduced in 1993, and it is still SMC’s best selling slide series.  The new MXQ-Z re-invents the standard that SMC started.

The new design includes a light weight table that allows for improvements in allowable kinetic energy, product weight and reduction in height over the previous design.