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eXrail, the Latest Innovation of the Roller guide

Integration of high rigidity, high motion accuracy, and high damping capability

The eXrail is a linear guide rail system utilizing the recirculating motion of needle rollers. It is ™useful in various applications that require high precision, such as medical equipment, thanks to its high rigidity, high motion accuracy, and high damping capability features.
The eXrail incorporates needle rollers to

reduce deformation and is equipped with three types of seals. NBʼs needle rollers have half the diameter, and are longer compared to conventional rollers. Longer rollers mean increased contact area, which reduces contact pressure. Since the rollers are half the diameter, more rollers can fit in the same space.

Additionally, the block incorporates a sponge-like resin material soaked in oil to extend maintenance intervals.

- High Damping Capability
- High Static Load Capacity
- Reduced Friction for Smooth Circulation
- Enhanced Dust Prevention Features

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Mosaic Safety Controller

Euchner Mosaic safety controllerMosiac is a modular safety controller for protecting machines and personnel. Mosaic is capable of monitoring several safety sensors and commands, such as safety light curtains, non-contact switches, photocells, mechanical switches, zero-speed monitoring, safety mats, emergency stops, two-hand controls.

Mosaic offers numerous advantages compared with safety solutions based on traditional components, such as relay type safety modules, as it:

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SMAC Linear Rotary Actuators

learn more SMAC provides a comprehensive selection of combined linear and rotary actuators with either direct drive or gearbox equipped rotary units. They can easily be programmed to control force/torque, position and velocity in all axes at the same time. SMAC actuators are totally programmable in force, acceleration and velocity.

The actuator can operate in three different modes: Force Mode, Velocity Mode, Position Mode

The actuator has SMAC's unique "Soft-Land" function which enables the unit to gently land on a delicate component with a controlled force to avoid damage of both the component and the actuator. This makes them ideal for applications such as pick and place and assembly.

The vacuum-built-in shaft through the rotary motor is available for some models to prevent dust build-up in the unit. These z-theta actuators can easily be programmed to control force/torque, position and velocity in all axes at the same time with feedback capability.

more information

Panasonic HG-C Series Laser Distance Sensor with a 10 µm Resolution

The NEW HG-C Series Laser Distance Sensor with a compact size of just W20 x H44 x D25 mm this sensor provides high-end performance in a small, lightweight package. Five measurement ranges (400mm±200, 200mm±80, 100mm±35, 50mm±15, and 30mm±5) are available with a measurement resolution ranging from 10 μm to 200 μm depending on the model selected.

A new optical system with a built-in mirror
The HG-C series sensors incorporating a new optical system with a built-in mirror provides smaller sensor depth as well as higher measurement accuracy equivalent to displacement sensors.

Aluminum die-cast casing protects from strain and heat
A light-weight but strong die-cast aluminum solid body casing reduces the impact of strain and heat on the measurement accuracy.

A precise CMOS image sensor and an original algorithm
A precise CMOS image sensor makes it possible to perform highly precise measurements in the order of 1/100 mm

download datasheet

Baumer CleverLevel Switches

download brochure The really clever alternative to the vibrating fork level switch

Unlike with traditional vibrating fork sensors, with the sensors of the CleverLevle switch, no media remnants or solids are able to accumulate on the sensors.  A precise and reliable level detection is thus ensured even under difficult circumstances.
Based on the frequency sweep technology, the CleverLevel LBFS switches are suitable for high-viscosity fluids as well as for solid or liquid media.  Their compact sensor tip allows them to be integrated even in small pipes.

Since they are unaffected by turbulence, sedimentation, air bubbles, foam and even by suspended or floating particles, they are suitable for even the most difficult applications.

download brochure


RU-U Ultrasonic Sensor Family

watch video The new RU-U ultrasonic sensor series from TURCK enables the user to cover large sensing ranges with fewer sensor variants. The TURCK ultrasonic sensors in M18 and M30 housing styles thus effectively reduce the range of variants required for stock-keeping. This is made possible by the particularly short blind zones of the RU-U ultrasonic sensor, which offer large sensing ranges at the same time –  for example with a 40 cm range the blind zone is only 2.5 cm.

The increased versatility  of the RU40 and RU100 ultrasonic sensor modules enables the user to set diffuse mode and opposed mode operation as well as NC and NO switching outputs with a teach adapter. The standard ultrasonic sensor versions also enable the setting of switch windows and two separate switching points, either by a teach adapter or via a teach button directly on the sensor.

The high-end versions can be operated as a switch or as an analog sensor. Different operating modes, temperature compensation or the output function can also be set via IO-Link. If several sensors are installed next to each other, the customer can set the sensor parameters in synchronization or multiplex mode, in order to prevent mutual interference of the sensors.

watch RU-U video


Turck Q24 inductive linear sensor

TURCK announces the high speed Q25 inductive linear sensor to the automation market. The internal measuring frequency is user selectable and can be as high as 5 kHz resulting in accurate measuring speeds of 5 meters per second. This high measuring frequency allows the Q25 to provide real time monitoring and measuring, resulting in more precise control than previously available in other linear measurement systems.

TURCK’s linear inductive sensor operation is based on the RLC resistance inductance capacitance principle. Unlike potentiometric or magnetostrictive technologies, the sensors incorporate precisely manufactured printed emitter and receiver coil systems. The emitter coils are activated with a high frequency AC field and produce an inductive RLC circuit with the positioning element. The element is inductively coupled with the receiver coils, which are arranged so different voltages are induced in the coils, depending on the position of the actuator. The voltages serve as a measure for the sensor signal. Q-track sensors deliver maximum measuring spans, with minimal blind zone and high resistance to EMI/ RFI noise interference.



SMAC -CBL Series Electric Cylinder Designed for the Packaging Industry

more information The CBL Series of electric cylinders from SMAC offer the high speed performance, long cycle life and competitive pricing that the package industry demands.  These 35mm diameter electric cylinders offer over 100 million cycles with acceleration up to 50G, operating at over 2,000 cyles per minute (CPM). 

Designed for fast, easy stroke adjustability the CBL allows extremely precise speed, acceleration and force adjustments in a fraction of the time pneumatic cylinders require, and with no manual readjustments.

The CBL Cylinder offers more consistent actuation times, with as little as one millisecond of variance in cycle times, compared to the 20 millisecond or longer variances that conventional cylinders produce.  With more consistent and accurate actuation comes improved high-speed performance.



Panasonic SF4B-C Series Type 4 Safety Light Curtain

The new SF4B-C safety light curtain utilizes a proprietary double-structure enclosure which features a lightweight plastic body with a metal inner frame to increase overall toughness.  Because of the compact size, the SF4B-C Series can be mounted flush to a machine frame, thus minimizing the device clearance, all while maintaining zero dead zone coverage.  download datasheet

The built-in multi-function indicator can be used to easily verify operation at a glance, or ti can be used as a muting indicator to decrease the number of peripherals needed in your safety circuit. Advanced functionality includes:

download datasheet >


Baumer O300 Series - Number 1 in the inch class

O300 is the latest addition to the NextGen sensor series. The compact sensor fits even into the tightest spots and provides an unparalleled performance level. O300 is the Baumer approach to the 1-inch dimension which evolved to become international standard in most diverse industries.

This new sensor offers the largest range in its size class whilst simultaneously giving the highest level of reliability through extended power reserves. Its insensitivity to ambient light allows the O300 to function perfectly under difficult lighting conditions. And the the latest generation Baumer Opto-ASIC provides color independent detection of objects.Baumer O300 optical sensor Baumer O300 Optical Sensor

Diffuse sensor with background suppression
- Standard LED or Baumer PinPoint LED
- 300 or 200 mm range

Retro-reflective sensor
- Standard LED or Baumer PinPoint LED
- 5000 or 6000 mm range

SmartReflect Light Barrier
- Baumer PinPoint LED
- 300 mm range

more information

Moxa industrial ethernet switches learn more

The Next Generation of Industrial Ethernet Switches 

Moxa introduces the evolutionary EDS E series industrial Ethernet switches with robust, scalable, and user-centric designs to provide ultra robustness, easy-to-use experience, enhanced security, and energy efficiency.

These managed Ethernet switches deliver ultra-robust performance to resist the impact of harsh environments, user-centric features to enhance operation productivity, advanced security functions to strengthen protection, and reduced energy consumption of up to 30% with IEEE 802.3az.

more information



Gast NEW 86/87R Series - Quietly Setting a New Standard

Gast 86 87R series download brochure The NEW Gast 86/87R Series oil-less rocking piston compressors and vacuum pumps are quieter, more durable and fit virtually any application. The sleek, new 86/87R Series performs in ways not yet seen in the industry. The patented crossover chamber design regulates and controls airflow to dampen sound and optimize performance, while delivering a wide range of pressure level options.

The inherent design of rocking piston technology makes it the optimal choice for applications requiring high pressure or vacuum and air flow in a small package.  Because the 86/87R Series can easily retrofit into an existing footprint, it’s also a smart, flexible solution for a wide range of markets.

The flexible cup is made with superior materials and mounted on top of the connecting rod, creating vacuum or pressure while maintaining a tight seal against the cylinder walls in a rocking motion. The forgiving design has fewer components, causes less friction and has a low exhaust temperature, for greater reliability and durability for the life of the product. Despite its small size, the versatility of 86/87R means this is the right product to deliver quality air solutions.

86/87R Series Brochure



MOXA - Smart Serial I/O Solutions

Dependable and Easy-to-Maintain Smart RS-485 Serial I/O
The smart serial RS-485 remote I/O is the perfect choice for cost-effective industrial monitoring and control applications. Serial remote I/O products offer process engineers the benefit of simple wiring, as they only use two wires to communicate with the controller or other RS-485 devices. The serial Remote I/O is designed for system integrators to acquire and control remote digital and analog devices over both RS-232 and RS-485 connections. Moxa Smart IO get more information

Designed to Withstand Extreme Conditions
To provide greater protection, the I/O channels on the ioLogik R1200 series have 3Kv protection against outside electric shock.  RS-485 and power port surge protection provides protection against electrostatic discharges and power surges.

Easy-to-use software interface for easy maintenance
With ioSearch software you can quickly access all of an ioLogik R1200 series device’s status information and settings in a user-friendly graphic interface.  Moxa’s ioLogik R1200 lets you set up your communication interface using a simple software utility.

Smart Serial I/O


ASO Safety Contact Mats

The safety contact mat, series ASK from ASO Safety Solutions, is used for safeguarding sections in hazardous areas around machines, presses, robots and other types of active equipment. Stepping on the mat surface triggers a control signal to the stop circuit of the potentially hazardous motion.ASO Safety Mats

This fast contact occurs due to the area switch design on the inside of the mat. A single compound polyurethane material assures impermeability against oils, water and dirt. An anti-slip surface is also implemented into the design.

Optional checkered surfaces in aluminum or highgrade steel can be used in areas where high mechanical demand is placed on the upper mat surface.

ASO Safety Mats


PISA Protected

PISA is more cost-effective than electronic circuit breakers.  PISA protected systems can work with smaller power supplies as 100% of the power supply current can be used for the application.  “Bulky” as well as sensitive loads can be supplied from one common power supply. PISA saves space on the DIN-rail.

PISA SystemIn addition to the over-current protection of the individual outputs, the PISA module also includes monitoring of the 24V supply voltage which is unique to all other products available.  This monitor protects against voltage drops of the power supply voltage by actively limiting the current for less critical loads. The protection is conceptually independent of the lengths of wires or the characteristics of the power supply.

PISA information >>>


LEC-G Series: Fieldbus Compatible Gateway Unit for Electric ActuatorsLEC-g

SMC offers the LEC-G fieldbus compatible gateway unit. This new series offers the increased flexibility of operating a number of LEC controllers via a single gateway unit and a single connection to your PLC.

Compatible Electric Actuators:

LEC-G compatible

LEC-G information >>>

Compact Oil Free Compressor

OF series oil-less rocking piston – ideal for laboratory, medical, dental, gas generation, beverage dispensing, and other applications where noise and long life are key requirements. JUN-AIR has introduced a new generation of compressors with few moving parts, which reduces the noise, vibrations as well as wear and tear. The reduced noise and vibration level makes it possible to place the compressor directly at the place of use. The noise level is approx. 65 dB(A). 

Superior Performance

Full Regulatory Compliance

Minimized Physical Footprint

JunAir 85R 4P >>>


EPSON Expands Low Cost LS-Series SCARA Robots

Epson LS-Series robots were created as the reduced cost solution for factories looking for maximum value without giving up performance. But as with all Epson LS SCARA Robot download brochure Robots, they are still packed with the same performance and reliability our users have come to expect from Epson. 

They are used for applications such as mechanical or electrical assembly, pick and place, kitting, dispensing and much more. Epson LS SCARA's are the robot of choice when price/performance is critical. LS3 SCARA arms come with a 400mm arm length and ISO 4 Clean models are available.

All EPSON LS-Series SCARA robots are available with our low cost, high performance RC90 Controller that provides the ultimate experience in ease of use and reliability all at an incredibly low price.

LS-SCARA Robot brochure


Epson - Powerful vision solutions at a value price

The EPSON CV1 Vision System provides powerful vision tools at a value price. With ultra fast processing and the industry leading EPSON Vision Guide software tool set vision guidance applications are faster and easier to develop than ever.

EPSON CV1At the heart of Vision Guide is the unique object based point and click interface which allows developers to quickly and easily develop applications in hours. No time is wasted writing code to make the robot and vision system communicate and there is no need to learn 2 separate environments and languages  since Vision Guide runs within the EPSON RC+ Robot Development  Environment.

The EPSON CV1 vision system has a high speed Ethernet interface and works with any of our 3 powerful robot controllers (RC90, RC180 or PC Based RC620+) 

Only the EPSON CV1 provides powerful vision guidance solutions at an incredible value based price. Let us help you with your next vision guided robotics application today.


SMC - MGP Compact Guided Actuators

The MGP is designed for high side load applications found in material handling, lifting and stopping. The cylinder utilizes an ultra-compact design by incorporating the cylinder body as part of the guide body. As the stroke length increases, so does the bearing length, thus enhancing the cylinder's load bearing capacity.

SMC MGPConventional designed guided cylinders have a set bearing length resulting in dramatic decreases in side load capacity as stroke lengths increase. The MGP is the latest generation of guided cylinders and offers higher load capability, longer strokes, 2 port locations, switch mounting grooves on two sides, and a more versatile T-slot mounting than the MGQ series. Order made options for this series include adjustable air cushions, heavy duty guide rods, copper free, high temperature, and low speed.

more information

Panasonic A5 Series Servo

High performance and function for systems where precision, smart control, safety, and easy configuration are needed.

more information


SMC - ISE/ZSE Digital Pressure & Vacuum Switches

SMC ISEThe versatile ISE/ZSE family of switches should be your first choice for economical detection solutions.  These electronic models offer 2-color indication and can be operated in normal, hysteresis, or window comparator modes. 

Measurement/display units can be changed on most units so a single switch can be used on equipment destined for multiple global regions.  Several models feature a copy function that simplifies the setup of multiple switches with the same parameters.

ISE/ZSE Catalogs



Rugged PS300 Pressure Sensors Deliver Extended Measuring Range for Hydraulic Applications

TURCK introduces PS300 series pressure sensors for hydraulic applications, featuring a rugged, IP69K rated design to withstand harsh environments. PS300 sensors provide a wide measuring range, from 3 to 400 bar. PS300

The sensors from Turck with their robust, ceramic measuring cells and integrated digital signal processing show a considerable better performance than a standard ceramic cell, because the measuring signals are digitally forwarded to the evaluation electronics. 

Turck built upon its PS400/500 pressure series in the new sensor family. A large, four-digit display shows the user the operating pressure, even through oily glass. The equipment is parameterized with two push buttons that are easily operated with gloves.

Get more information on the PS300



SMC - MY3 Mechanically Jointed Rodless Cylinder

The MY3 Rodless Cylinders use low profile designs to save space compared to typical rodless cylinders. Height, length and weight savings of 30% or more are achievable compared to conventional rodless cylinder designs with similar load and thrust ratings.  For low cost, basic linear motion in a compact design, the MY3 cylinder is an excellent option. 

The MY3 cylinder is available in four bore sizes: 16, 25, 40, and 63mm. Options include floating joints, stroke adjusters, side supports, and auto switches. The stroke adjuster and shock absorber are integrateSMC MY3 Rodless Cylinderd into a low profile design. Auto switches can be mounted on both sides from the front direction. Using side supports, the cylinder tube can be fixed from the upper or lower side. Long stroke of up to 3000mm are available.

more information


SMC - Series HRS: Cool, compact, thermo-chiller delivers high performance temperature control

Industry requests for a small, lightweight, high performance thermo-chiller have been answered with the launch of the new Series HRS Thermo-Chiller from world leaders SMC. Developed for use across a broad range of industry applications, this new addition to SMC´s rapidly expanding thermo chiller range is ideal when installation space and ventilation flow is restricted yet stable cooling performance HRS Chilleris required.

Weighing just 43 kilos, the HRS is designed to operate with circulating fluid temperatures between 5 – 40 ºC and its PID control ensures smooth temperature changes and excellent stability of ±0.1ºC. Available in both air cooled, or water cooled options and three cooling capacities up to 2.500W, Series HRS is compatible for use with all the common single phase power supplies – AC100V, AC100 -115V and AC200-230V. Fully compliant to CE, UL and European RoHS standards, the Series HRS thermo-chiller range is also environmentally friendly with its quiet 60dB (A) operation and zero rated ozone layer depletion R407C refrigerant.

Read HRS Brochure


Turck’s new BL compact line brings all of your I/O to the plant floor through a rugged, compact device. This product line provides a vast signal variety in packages rated up to IP 69K, including analog, digital, RTD, thermocouple, serial, or a mixture of signal types, all inside one robust node on your network.
BL compact provides an inexpensive means to add a variety of different I/O in an environmentally hardened package that allows direct mounting onto a machine without the need for a separate enclosure.

BL CompactBL compact’s design features and breadth of I/O combinations make it suitable for many applications,
including material handling, assembly and packaging in a wide variety of industries, including:


BL compact offers I/O with M8 picofast®, M12 eurofast® or M16 multifast® connectors that allow for easy installation into any application, existing or new. With Turck’s line of network, sensor and power cables.  BL compact is capable of meeting the most demanding application requirements.

Click here for more information


Baumer - HS35 Encoders - an industry first

The Baumer HS35 combines a rugged HeavyDuty design with an unrivalled precision into a new high-performance and versatile product family. The design HS35 Encoderincludes our proven dual bearing system, durable shaft seals and IP 67 environmental ratings, sealed connector or cable glands, and an ultra-precise optical scanning (LowHarmonics) system.

Flexibility is key
Imagine an encoder that transforms into almost any configuration you desire. Besides programming of pulses per revolution, the HS35P offers programming of index pulse length and position, as well as of the output voltage levels. Even A and B count can be programmed to different values

HS35P Programmable Square Wave

  • Fewer part numbers to maintain
  • Minimizes inventory cost
  • Increases flexibility and time to market
  • Resolution 1 … 8,192 ppr in increments of one

HS35F Square Wave

  • TTL, HTL, or OC (open collector) outputs
  • High accuracy
  • Direct read resolution up to 5,000 ppr
  • Up to 80,000 ppr with internal interpolation

HS35S Sine Wave

  • Patented LowHarmonicsR technology
  • Outstanding signal quality for all speeds
  • Highly dynamic drive control Prevents drive heating and saves energy

View Product Flyer


SMC - LER Electric Rotary Table

Electric actuators offer a significantly increased amount of control over the motion profile, in a non-pneumatic environment. The LER rotary series is SMC's newest member of the LE electric actuator family. The LER uses a 24VDC step motor within a compact body to transmit torque through a rotating table. Radial and moment loads are LER supported by a deep groove ball bearing or a special high-precision ball bearing (option). Step data can be written to the controller using PC software or a portable teaching pendant. Absolute and relative angular positions can be set, along with full definition of speed, acceleration and deceleration. A complete package including actuator, controller, robot cable, and I/O cable can be specified using one simple part number.

Applicable Industries:

more information



MOXA -INJ24 PoE Injector

The Moxa PoE Injector INJ-24 Series is a 1-port PoE injector that delivers both data and electrical power to Ethernet-enabled devices using a single Ethernet cable. The INJ-24 can supply up to 30 watts of power through the Ethernet port, and can power IEEE 802.3af/at compliant powered devices (PD), such as wiINJ24 PoE injectorreless access points or IP cameras, eliminating the need for additional wiring.

The INJ-24 supports Gigabit communication, which is vital for high-speed and low-latency applications. The INJ-24 also offers a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 75°C, and is designed to withstand a high degree of vibration and shock. A rugged hardware design makes the INJ-24 perfect for ensuring that your Ethernet equipment can operate in critical industrial environments.

Baumer - My-Com precision mechanical limit switchmycom

For critical industrial positioning applications, Baumer My-Com Mechanical Limit Switches deliver precise, repeatable, consistent results over millions of switching operations. Offering 1 micron repeat accuracy, these precision contact switches are designed for setting reference points, checking tolerances, monitoring, gauging and calibrating tasks.

Click here for the catalog


SMC - Compact High Purity ValvesLVD

The LVD series are space saving, compact type, air operated high purity valves, which are designed to overcome the harsh environments often encountered in wet process applications. Its resin fluid path, makes it the perfect choice when working with acids, alkalis and ultra pure water. The LVD valves have PFA body materials and integral fittings (Hyper Fitting series LQ1 and clean series KP).

more information

Epson PC Based Controller

Up to 20 axes of motion… ALL FROM ONE CONTROLLER!

The new RC620+, EPSON’s 4th generation open architecture PC based workcell controller. The high performance RC620+ provides the ultimate experience of industry leading ease of use with EPSON RC+ development software. Leading the industry in PC based controls for industrial robots, the powerful RC620+ is capable of controlling up to 4 SCARA robots, 3 Six Axis robots or 2 SCARA and 2 Six Axis.Epson PC Based Controller

It is the controller of choice for those applications that require a powerful open architecture solution for system expansion and advanced motion and I/O control for demanding applications. 3 PCI slots are available for options such as Vision Systems, Fieldbus masters or third party plug-in cards to expand the RC620+ controller as needed for particular applications. The RC620+ runs a separate CPU dedicated to motion control and real time options including additional I/O, conveyor tracking, expansion I/O and DeviceNet, Profibus and EtherNet/IP Fieldbus slave options.

Click here for the RC620+ Controller Brochure


Baumer - IWFM 08 Inductive Sensors

Baumer introduces the IWFM 08 Series of Inductive Sensors, for limited space distance measurement and positioning applications involving metal targets.  IWFM 08 Series Inductive Sensors are designed for use in a wide variety of factory automation and assembly/handling applications including automotive IWFM08 Sensorsproduction, electronic manufacturing, injection molding, laboratory automation, medical equipment, metalworking, packaging, printing/graphics, solar cell/PV manufacturing, textile production, and wood/lumber processing.

Measuring just 4.7 x 8 x 16 mm, these easy-to-mount sensors offer powerful resolutions of <0.001 mm at sensing distances up to 2 mm. These sensors offer high linearity and repeat accuracy, and are ideal for a variety of highly precise industrial applications. IWFM 08 Series sensors feature an integrated 0... 10 V output, which allows them to be directly connected to the analog outputs of a control system and eliminates the need for measuring boards or processing units.

Click here for IWFM Data Sheet


SMC - LEH Series Electric Actuator Grippers

LEH Series Electric actuator grippers from SMC come in 3 types.  TLEH Grippershe LEH – S type is a 3 finger version for gripping round parts.  The compact and light LEH – Z type are available in 6 different bore sizes providing gripping forces from 1.35 up to 47.2 lbf.  For longer stroke lengths up to 80mm the LEH- F 2 finger grippers are perfect.  All three series offer drop prevention function, gripping check function for working with pieces of different dimension or positions and can be easily set with just 2 pieces of data:  position and force.

The actuator and controller are provided as a package with the controller already set up with the actuator data and initial parameters to shorten set-up time. 
With the speed and gripping force control and positioning capability of the LEH series it makes it possible for gripping of components that are easily deformed or damaged.

more information


SMAC CA Series Electric Cylinders

The CA Series of electric cylinders with direct drive provide cost efficiency and increased performance for high precision applications with high speed.  The CA series comes with diameters of 8, 12, 16, 24, 35, 36, 50, 75 and 150mm. This is a proven robust linear actuator with a round design that uses moving coil CA Series Electric Cylinderstechnology. Available strokes range from 10 to 50mm with encoder resolutions of 20, 5, 1, 0.5, 0.1 or 0.05 microns.

SMAC electric cylinders have a low moving mass and are equipped with a self-lubricating splined shaft linear guide, which significantly decreases friction. This enables the unit to generate a low controlled contact force while using the SMAC patented Soft-Land function. This eliminates any damage to components during handling. Position, force and speed are individually, programmed through a standard PC interface.

SMAC moving coil electric cylinders are rapidly replacing older technologies such as pneumatics, moving magnet linear motors, ball screw and belt drive actuators. SMAC electric cylinders provide better force control for glass applications, and better force control and quality feedback for medical product manufacturing and assembly.


JUN-AIR iSeries Oil-less CompressorsJunAir Compressor

The JUN-AIR iSeries is the logical choice wherever an efficient yet economical oil-less compressor is required.
These compressors represent the complete compressed-air package, with a rocking piston compressor and air receiver.
The series deliver a sturdy and compact design. The compressors have been constructed with fewer moving parts in order to reduce wear and provide maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.

The fully automatic compressors are ready to operate straight from the box. They can be placed directly in the area where air is required and they are ideally suited for multiple applications.
· Flexible design
· Manual Drain
· Oil free air
· Continuous operation
· Easy maintenance
· Supplied with a 2 year warranty

Click here for the iSeries Brochure


LinkTech - PTF Fitting TerminationsPTF Fittings

LinkTech introduces the new PTF (Poly Tube Fitting) Terminations.  These quick couplings are designed for use with semi-rigid tubing  and feature a durable chrome/brass compression nut and don’t require the use of ferrules. 

LinkTech’s industry interchangeable quick couplings are particularly well suited for use on durable and disposable medical equipment, analytical devices, and food & beverage applications among others.  Product features include audible ‘click’ which ensures a secure connection and intuitive thumb-latch design.

Click here for more information



WIKA - Sanitary GuagesWIKA Guage

 This series of sanitary gauges are designed and manufactured to meet the strin­gent requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. This assembly has all the advantages of the 23X.50 series mechanical gauge combined with a superior designed sanitary diaphragm seal. All external stainless steel surfaces are electropolished and the wetted components have full material identification and traceability.

Click here for the product brochure



SMC - ZFC05 In-line Air Suction FilterZFC05 Filters

A lightweight in-line type air suction filter that prevents trouble in vacuum equipment due to contaminants in the air.  This space saving filter is available in Metric Sizes of Ø2, Ø3.2, Ø4, Ø6 and Ø8 as well as inch sizes Ø1/8”, Ø5/32”, Ø3/4” and Ø5/16”.  The ZFC05 includes; One-touch fittings for easy installation and removal and cartridge type design allows for element replacement.

Click here for ZFC05 Product Brochure

EPSON - G1 Mini SCARA Robots

EPSON Robots introduces the new EPSON G1 Mini SCARA Robots. EPSON G1 robots provide an ultra compact yet powerful solution for even the G1 Mini SCARAmost demanding applications. They are available in arm reaches of 175 or 225mm and are also available in Clean & ESD compliant configurations. Unique to the G1 Mini SCARA robots is that both 3 and 4 axis models are available. The new 3-axis models allow for superior performance for press fit screw tightening and linear dispensing applications. Designed for maximum performance in a small footprint, G1 robots are the most powerful and compact mini SCARAs available in the market today.

Click here for G1 Mini SCARA Brochure

SMAC - LCA25 Electric Actuator

the LCA25, has a small overall footprint 25mm (H) x 50mm (W) and length depending on stroke. Starting with stroke length of 10mm, the range will extendSMAC LCA25 up to 100mm with encoder resolutions from 20micron to 50nanometer. With this level of accuracy the unit is especially useful for precise positioning and measuring. A slide option is available for scanning applications. The LCA series have one and three coil versions that generate a force of 10N and 30N respectively with accelerations greater than 40G possible.

LCA25 Brochure

Panasonic - High Performance Dual Display AmplifierFX500 Amplifier

The FX-500 is a highly advanced digital fiber sensor with high end features and a class leading stability and performance. An exclusive detection ASIC, designed specifically for the FX-500, is capable of processing ultra high-speed calculations while offering a long sensing range. Due to the impressive capabilities of this sensor, high precision detections can now be carried out where they were previously not possible.

FX-500 Overview and Specification

Baumer - Series 09 Ultrasonic SensorBaumer Series 09

Baumer is launching its new Series 09 ultrasonic sensors for detecting very small objects in openings with small diameters.

The sensors are equipped with a special nozzle which allows them to measure into openings of a minimum of 3 mm in diameter. Thanks to the rectangular housing with a width of only 9 mm, they are ideally suited for applications with limited space and can be cascaded. The resulting paralell measurement and the short response time of 7 ms lead to shorter process times. The electrical outputs range from analog and digital to serial or IO-link, which increases the flexibility.

Series 09 Information


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