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Gast Manufacturing, Inc. designs and manufactures quality air-moving products - vacuum pumps, compressors, air Regenerative Blowermotors, gear motors, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and Smart Air technology - to meet the many challenging applications of OEMs and end-users worldwideing OEMs rely upon to run their applications smoothly and efficiently.

Compressors and Pumps

Piston: Built to withstand rugged operating conditions for high-pressure, oilless operation. Includes model numbers that start with 1-7L, 1-7H, 1-5V, PAB/PBB/PCA, and VAB/VBB/VCD.
rocr ROC-R©: Our ROC-R rocking piston line combines piston pump durability with diaphragm pump efficiency, proven outstanding performance and flexibility. Model numbers usually start with LOA/LAA/ROA/RAA/SOA/SAA or XR, where X is a number.
rotaryvane Rotary Vane: Pulsation-free, minimal vibration with long service-free life for oilless or lubricated applications. Includes model numbers starting with a 4 digit numeric sequence (ie - 0323).
diaphragm Diaphragm: Compact, quiet source of vacuum or pressure. Miniature styles are ideally suited for a variety of light-duty applications. Model numbers usually start with DOA/DAA/MOA/MAA or XD, where X is a number.
linear Linear: Extremely quiet, highly efficient operation and simple maintenance due to principles of electromagnetic oscillation. Model numbers start with C/SPP/HP.
blower Regenerative Blowers: For high-volume vacuum or compressed air applications. Several models are available with explosion proof motors for soil vapor extraction applications. Models numbers start with RX, where X is a number.
vac Vacuum Generators: Low cost, compact alternative to traditional vacuum pumps in single and mutli-stage designs. Includes model numbers starting with VG.

Tank Systems

tank Tank Units
Tanks systems that can be designed to make small pumps do big jobs are a natural extension of the Gast line.

Air and Gear Motors

airmotor Air & Gear motors: Rugged and reliable, a broad range of models are available in lubricated, lubricated stainless steel, and oilless styles. Model numbers start with XAM, where X is a number.

GAST ServiceOhlheiser Corporation
is a Certified Service Center for Gast, with technical sales and customer service staffing available to assist you. We have been supporting Gast products for 40 years, and can help you from design to ordering and trouble shooting.

To download Gast environmental blower application software: Click Here

Claw Pumps Green Technology

Claw pumps contain contactless rotors that are synchronized by gears without any lubricant present.  This provides them the benefit of avoiding any residue generated by friction or rubbing during rotation.  The lack of friction between the rotors also leads to lower maintenance and long lasting performance.

With only moderate energy consumption and very high efficiency, Gast's claw pumps are a green technology which guarantee low operating costs.  Designed with the end-user in mind, these pumps also feature continuous duty and simplified maintenance, truly taking efficiency to the next level.

Claw pumpPA.155

PA.315Claw pump

Claw high efficiency pumps


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