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Newsletter Archive

April 2018

SMAC - LCB Electric Actuator
Trio - MC405 Multi-Axis Motion Coordinator
SMC - VP/VG Residual Pressure Release Valves

March 2018

SMC - EX600-W Wireless System
Moxa - IIoT Webinar
Moxa - SDS3008 8-port Smart Switch
Euchner - LCA 4 Safety Light Curtain

February 2018

Panasonic - HG-C CMOS Type Micro Laser Sensor
SMC - LEYG Motorless Guide Rod Electric Actuators
Turck - UPROX with IO-Link Technology

January 2018

Akribis - AUM Ironless Direct Drive Linear Motors
Epson - Get a T3 SCARA Demonstration
LinkTech - Multi-Port Series Connectors

December 2017

EPSON - T3 All-in-One SCARA Robot
Euchner - ESL Transponder-coded Safety Systems
SMC - IZS4 Family of Bar Ionizers

November 2017

EPSON -T3 SCARA Robot Demonstrations
SMC - Digtial Flow Switch for Water
JUN-AIR - Quiet Compressors

October 2017

SMC - EX600 I/O System with EtherCAT
Emerson - EtherCAT Version of Digitax ST Servo Drive
EPSON - T3 Integrated Robot Controller with Simple EtherCAT Connectivity

September 2017

Akribis Systems - New Vendor Partner
Desoutter - Advanced Assembly Systems
Epson - Robot Training by Ohlheiser

August 2017

SMC - ITV Electro-Pneumatic Regulators
Baumer - LX Model CMOS GigE Vision System
Crouzet - Microswitches
SMC - MXZ Compact Cylinder with Linear Guide

July 2017

PULS - Din Rail Power Supplies
SMAC - MGR5 Programmable Micro Girpper
Moxa - Industry Technology Webinar

June 2017

SMC - White Paper: Compressed Air Best Practices
Euchner - CTP-Extended Safety Switch
Baumer - CMOS Camera with GigE and USB 3.0

May 2017

Moxa - 3008 8-Port Smart Switch
SMC - JXC*1 Step Motor Controller
NB Linear - eXrail Roller Guide
Tolomatic - ACSI Integrated Servo motor, drive, controller

April 2017

Epson - Low TCO T3 Series SCARA Robots
Turck - TX500 Programmable HMI
SMC - MXZ Compact Cylinder with Linear Guide

March 2017

JVL - Integrated Servo & Stepper Motors
Nexen - Precision Roller Pinion System RPS
SMAC - Micro Grippers

February 2017

Gast - High Efficiency Claw Pumps
Moxa - Fanless Industrial Computers
Turck - EH03 Miniature Sensors

January 2017

SMC - KQ2 One-Touch Fittings with Oval Collar
Nexen - Linear Profile Guide Rail Brakes
Sunx - EX-Z Ultra-miniautre Photoelectric

December 2016

Panasonic - FPR Automation Control + Information
SMC - AV Series Soft Start Valves
Werma - Future-proof Signal Towers

November 2016

Epson - N Series 6-Axis Robot
SMC - Remove Static Electricity
Epson - N Series Video
Moxa - Industrial Ethernet Solutions

October 2016

SMAC - Electric Cylinders with Built-in Controller
SMC - Series VP/VG Residual Pressure Release ISO Valve
MOXA - Industrial Ethernet Solutions
Baumer - AlphaProx Inductive Sensors

September 2016

Turck - NIC Inductive Couplers
SMC - MGP Series Compact Guide Cylinders
Baumer - Fork and Angle Sensors
Panasonic - G707 Wide Screen HMI

August 2016

SMC - LER Rotary Table
Moxa - Simplifying Serial Device Communications
Epson - Expanded LS Series SCARA Robots
Tolomatic - ERD Low Cost Electric Cylinders

July 2016

Panasonic - U-Shaped Micro Photoelectric Sensors
SMC - 53-SY Intrinsically Safe Valves
Baumer O500 & O300 Optical Sensors
Turck - TBPN Hybrid Safety IO Module

June 2016

SMAC - Ejection & Diverting with Moving Coil Actuators
SMC - AMG Water Separator
Baumer - GigE with Power Over Ethernet
Turck - Ethernet Spanner

May 2016

SMC - Refrigerated Air Dryers Series IDFB
Epson - Prosix C8 6-Axis Robots
Baumer - Absolute Heavy Duty Encoders
SMAC - 100% Inspection with MCA Actuators

April 2016

Panasonic AC Servo white paper
Parco - Yellow Powder Coated Extrusion
Baumer - AlphaProx Inductive Sensors
SMC - ISO13849 Shut-off & Exhaust valve

March 2016

Baumer - O500 & O300 Optical Sensors
SMC - S0700 5-Port Valves
Panasonic - GT707 Wide Screen HMI
Euchner - CTP Solenoid Locking Safety Switch

February 2016

Epson - LS20 SCARA Robots
SMC - ZHP Series Vacuum Pad with Ejector
PULS - CP10 Power Supplies
Turck - 2-Wire Steel Faced Proximity Sensors

January 2016

Leeson - Extreme Duck Ultra Motors
SMC - ZK2 Vacuum Unit
Euchner - MGB with EtherNet I/P
Baumer - MESAX 70 Laser Distance Sensor

December - Best Technologies of 2015

Epson - RC700 Robot Controller
Baumer - HS35 Hollow Shaft Encoders
SMC - AC-B Modular FRL
NB Actuators - Single Axis Linear Actuators
SMAC - Linear Rotary Actuators

November 2015

SMC- Cyclone Pads
Panasonic - Aicure UJ30/35 UV Curing System
Baumer - HS35 Hollow Shaft Encoders
SMAC - Electric Cylinders

October 2015

SMC - ZK2 All-in-One Vacuum Generator
Turck - FEN20 Ethernet I/O Module
SMC - LER Electric Rotary Table
Baumer - Inductive Proximity Sensors

September 2015

Leeson - Hassle Free Extended Warranty on Leeson Motors
Epson - S5 Mid-Range 6-Axis Robots
SMC - Series IDFB Refrigerated Air Dryers
Baumer - Stainless Steel Vision Systems

August 2015

SMC - High Purity Products
Euchner - Mosaic Safety Controller
Panasonic - GT707 Wide Screen HMI
Baumer - UR18 Ultrasonic Sensor

July 2015

SMC- AC-B Modular FRL
Epson - RC700 Robot Controller
S-LOK - Instrumentation Tube Fittings
SMC - Series ITV Electro-Pneumatic Regulators

June 2015

S-LOK - Ohlheiser Adds S-LOK Instrumentation Valves
Panasonic - EX-L200 Laser Sensors
Gast - 86/87R Series Compressors & Vacuum Pumps
Baumer - MXB Board Level Cameras

May 2015

Panasonic - FP7 Series PLC
SMC - AV Soft Start Exhaust Valve
Epson - CV2 Vision Guidance Made Easy
Turck - NIC Inductive Couplers

April 2015

SMC - EX600 I/O System
Epson - S5 Mid-range 6-axis Robot
NB Linear Systems - Single Axis Actuators
Euchner - EOS4 Safety Light Curtains

March 2015

Turck - BL ident RFID System
SMC- AC Series Modular FRL Units
SMAC - Linear Rotary Actuators
Parco - Gravity Flow Racks
SMC - HECR Rack Mount Chillers

February 2015

Epson - RC700 Robot Controller
SMC AS1F Speed Controllers
Panasonic - GT03-E Series Programmable Displays
Baumer - O300 Sensor Fits the Tightest Spots

January 2015

Ohio Transmission Corp Acquires Ohlheiser
Baumer - PosCon 3D Measurement Sensor
SMC - IZS4 Bar Ionizer
Panasonic - FAYb Laser Marker
Werma - ClearSIGN Signal Towers

December - Best Technology of 2014

Epson - LS Series SCARA Robots under $12,000
SMC - HRSE Triple Control Thermo-Chiller
Gast - Air Motor Rotary Vane Technology
Panasonic - HG-C Laser Displacement Sensors
Baumer - SmartReflect Optical Light Barrier

November 2014 Newsletter:

Ohlheiser Receives Growth & Partnership Award
Bamuer - VeriSens Color Vision Sensor
SMC - VX2 Series 2-Port Process Valves
Turck - Mil-spec Overmolded Connectors

October 2014 Newsletter:

Panasonic - Advanced EtherCAT Servo Drive
Euchner - MSC Safe Control System
NB Ball Screw Spline
SMC - Family of Electric Actuators
Video: Modular Safety Control System

September 2014 Newsletter:

Panasonic - HG-C Laser Distance Sensor
SMC - LE Series Motorless Electric Actuators
PULS - Single Battery 24Vdc UPS System
SMC - XLA High Vacuum Angle Valves
Video: HG-c Laser Sensor

August 2014 Newsletter:

Epson - RS Series Zero Footprint SCARA Robot
Parco - Solidworks 3D Content Central
SMC - Series MXQ-Z Slide Table Actuator
Baumer - CleverLevel Switches
Video: Epson RS Robot

July 2014 Newsletter:

Gast - Air Motor Rotary Vane Technology
Euchner - MGB Multifunctional Gate Box
SMC - PFMB Digital Flow Switch
Baumer - New Benchmark for Incremental Encoders
Video: Euchner MGB

June 2014 Newsletter:

SMC - ZK2 Energy Saving Vacuum Generation
Baumer - POE GigE Cameras Reduce Cabling Efforts
Turck - New Ultrasonic Sensor Family RU-U
Jun-Air - Oil-less Cabinet Unit Compressors
LinkTech - 60PS High-flow Couplings for Healthcare
Video: RU-U Ultrasonic Sensor Family

May 2014 Newsletter:

SMC - Thermo-Chillers Solve Problems
Panasonic - IP67 Photoelectric & Proximity Sensors
SMC - LEJ Series High Rigidity Linear Slider
Epson - 6-Axis Robots, More Payload, Faster Speeds
LinkTech - Push-in Couplings for 1/4" Tubing
Video: SMAC Moving Coil Actuators in Packaging Industry

April 2014 Newsletter:

Baumer - SmartReflect Reinvents Optical Light Barriers
SMC - SX10 High Speed 2-Port Valves
TURCK - Q24 Inductive Linear Sensor
Euchner -CET3-AR Closes the Door on Danger

March 2014 Newsletter:

Epson - SCARA Robots under $12,000
SMC - Flagship SY Valves and new SY7000
Ohlheiser is a JUN-AIR Authorized Service Center
Panasonic - HL-G1 Expanded Long Range Model
Video - Baumer U500 Sensors

February 2014 Newsletter:

SMC - Clean Exhaust Filter Series SFE
LinkTech - Two New Coupling Series
SMAC - High Performance Electric Cylinders for Packaging Industry
SMC - Hollow Fiber Membrane Air Dryers
Video: Baumer CleverLevel Sensor

January 2014 Newsletter:

SMC - Thermo Chillers with Triple Control
Panasonic - New Compact Lightweight Safety Light Curtains
Werma - Signal Tower Configurator Tool
Epson - G Series SCARA Robots Provide Extreme Power of Choice

December - Best Technologies of 2013

Gast- New 86/87R Series Compressors
SMC- SY Valves improved performance and throughput
Baumer - O500 Next Gen Optical Sensors
Moxa - Smart Serial I/O Solutions
Video - SMAC high-speed pick and place

November 2013 Newsletter:

Jun-Air Compact Oil-free Compressor
Baumer O300 Next Generation Optical Sensor
Turck - Stainless Steel Junction Box
Moxa - Ultra Robust Industrial Ethernet Switches

October 2013 Newsletter:

Panasonic - LS-500 Laser Sensor with 4-20mA Output
SMC - Speed Controller with One-touch Fitting
Epson - RC700 One-for-All Robot Controller
Moxa – 6 Misconceptions about Industrial Wireless Networks
Epson Lab Automation Video

September 2013 Newsletter:

SMC - LEJ High Rigidity Electric Slider
MOXA - Realize Full CNC Potential
LinkTech - 10 Series Twist Lock Coupling
Euchner - ASO Safety Bumpers

August 2013 Newsletter:

Ohlheiser now offers ZenPure Filter Solutions
SMC - MXQ-Z Slide Table Actuators
Epson's NEW C4/C4L 6-Axis Robots
From Wired to Wireless - Things You Need to Know

July 2013 Newsletter:

GAST - NEW 86/87R Series Quietly Setting a New Standard
SMC - PFMB Digital Display Flow Switch
Werma - Hygienic Design Signal Tower
Moxa - Smarter I/O Solutions

June 2013 Newsletter:

SMC - HRS Thermo Chiller Evaluation Program
Moxa - Advantages of Convergence
Turck - BL Compact I/O Solutions Stainless Steel
Micropump GAF Electromagnetic Drive

May 2013 Newsletter:

SMC - LES Electric Slide Table
Moxa Smart Serial I/O Solutions
SMC - AC Air Combination Units
Epson LS3 SCARA Robot
Epson RC+ 5.0 Simulator Video

April 2013 Newsletter:

SY Valve - SMC's Flagship Series
MOXA Zero Packet Loss in Wireless LAN
SMC IDG Removes Moisture
Euchner Safety Mats
MOXA Optimizing Industrial Ethernet Solution
SMAC High-speed Pick & Place video

March 2013 Newsletter:

Baumer O500 Next Gen Sensors
SMC VV100 3-Port Valve Manifold
Panasonic GT32 Compact Slim HMIs
Turck AIM Ethernet Station

January 2013 Newsletter:

Ohlheiser Introduces Micropump
SMC - New SY Valve offers flexibility & reliability
Micropump - Valveless Piston Pump
SMC - LZ Electric Cylinders operate like air cylinders

December 2012 "The Best of 2012"

SMC - LAT3 Linear Motor
Parco T-slotted aluminum extrusion
JunAir Compact oil-free compressor
SMC Process gas equipment
Video: Epson C3V robot

November 2012 Newsletter:

Epson C3V Robot for aseptic manufacturing
SMC- PS1 miniature pressure/vac sensors
PULS ML120 mini line power supplies
LinkTech 50BAC Breakaway connectors
Video: Epson C3V 6 axis robots

October 2012 Newsletter:

JunAir Oil Free Compressor
SMC Ranked in Forbes Top 100 - Again!
PISA Unique System Protection
Turck Fine Tuned Temperature Sensors
Baumer Clever Lever Video

September 2012 Newsletter:

LRIG Exhibition
NEW KQ2 Fitting Cross Reference
V-Grip Vacuum Gripper System
NB Linear NYT Linear Slide Tables
Video: Epson G3 Vision Guided SCARA Robot

August 2012 Newsletter:

Baumer Bearingless Encoder
Moxa Fieldbus to Ethernet Connectivity
Epson RC+ 5.0 simulation and off-line programming
SMC LEC-G Fieldbus Gateway for Electric Actuators

July 2012 Newsletter:

Employee Spotlight: Jim Demay, Warehouse & Assembly Supervisor
Ohlheiser becomes Distributor for Parco Inc.
Linear Motor the Size of a Credit Card
Ohlheiser Adds PULS DIN-Rail Power Supplies
SMC Digital Pressure Switches

June 2012 Newsletter:

Baumer Vision Sensors for Factory Automation
Epson LS Series Low Cost SCARA Robots
Panasonic SF4C Ultra Slim Light Curtains
SMC Vacuum Product Line
Video: SF4C Demo

May 2012 Newsletter:

Gast Certified Service Center
Epson RS SCARA Robot
Euchner MGB Safety System
SMC - MGP Compact Guided Cylinders
Video: RS4 Robot

April 2012 Newsletter:

Employee Spotlight: Sean McKinnon, Technical Sales
Custom Sub-Assembly Services
Ohlheiser becomes Euchner Distributor
SMC- EX260 Compact Serial Interface Unit
Video - MOXA Turbo Chain

March 2012 Newsletter:

Check Out Our Videos Page & YouTube Channel
SMC: Multiposition Cylinder
MOXA: Automated Bridging from Modbus to PROFIBUS
MSC: Mechanically Jointed Rodless Cylinders
Video: Baumer SmartReflect

February 2012 Newsletter:

SMC: AMG Water Separator
Employee Spotlight: Laura Pellerin
SMC: Process Gas Equipment
LinkTech: 3D PDF & CAD Files

January 2012 Newsletter:

MayTec: Ohlheiser becomes Distributor for MayTec
Epson: CV1 Powerful Vision Solutions at a Value Price
SMC: ALDS Improving Machine Performance
Panasonic: FX500 Digital Fiber Sensor
Video: Panasonic FP-X PLC Demo

December Newsletter:

SMC MGP: Compact Guided Cylinder
NB Linear: Introducing the Smallest Miniature Guide
NB Linear: Slide Guide Travel Life Calculation Program
Panasonic: Liquid/Air Pressure Sensor

November Newsletter:

SMC VX2: Direct Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valves
NB Linear: Rotary Ball Spline
SMC MFH2: Low Profile Air Grippers with Space Saving Design
Gast: Medical/Diagnostic Applications


October Newsletter:

Employee Spotlight: Denise Govoni, Assembly Coordinator
SMC - The New Standard in Pneumatic Actuators
Panasonic - High Performance Sensor with built-in Logic Control
SMC - Dual Display Digital Flow Switch for Water
Airpel Plus - Low Friction Made Lower

September Newsletter:

SMC Named in Forbes Top 100 World's Most Innovative Companies
Panasonic - A5 Series Servo- Smart Precise Control 
SMC - MXS Series - Slide Table Actuators
Epson Launches New Line of SCARA Robots for Industry  

July Newsletter:

Ohlheiser Regional Manager rescues man from Piscataqua River
All-in-one solution to your vacuum needs
SMC - Digital Vacuum & Pressure Switches
Turck- Rugged S300 Pressure Sensors
WIKA - Intrinsically safe hazardous area pressure transmitter
New Literature - SMC: LER Rotary tables / LinkTech Product Catalog / MOXA 2011 Ethernet Catalog

June Newsletter:

Employee Spotlight: Coming out of their shell
SMC- Mechanically Jointed Rodless Cylinders
Panasonic 7" to 15" Compact & Powerful HMIs
Several New Faces at Ohlheiser Corporation

May Newsletter:

ATX-East Automation Technology Expo June 7-9,2011
Baumer: HS35 Encoders- Rugged, accurate and programmable
SMC: HRS Series- Cool, compact thermo-chillers
MOXA: Device Servers then and now...

April Newsletter:

Employee Spotlight: Don Rossignol, Inside Technical Sales
SMC: We can bring the Trade Show to You
Turck: BL Compact I/O System
LinkTech: Couplings for Medical Applications

March Newsletter:

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami update
SMC: XT661 Vacuum Cyclone Pads
EPSON: 110Vac Robots
Baumer: HS35 Encoders

February Newsletter:

SMC: LER Electric Rotary Table
GAST: New Linear Line Catalog
Red Lion Controls:
G3 Kadet HMI
C3 Compact 6-Axis Robot

January Newsletter:

SMC: Clean Style Valve Manifold
Baumer: IWFM 08 High Resolution Sensor
Panasonic: HLG1 Laser Displacement Sensor
Design News Best of 2010: Turk QL-Track Sensor & BL67 Modular I/O System
MOXA: PoE Injector

December Newsletter:

Employee Spotlight: Deborah Thompson, Operations Manager
SMC: EX600 I/O System
Airpot: Accurate Force Pneumatics
MOXA: Power up Industrial Devices of Ethernet

November Newsletter:

News: Ohlheiser Honored as SMC Awards Ceremony
SMC: LZ Series Electric Cylinders
SMC: MHC 2-finger Miniature Grippers
SMC: MY3M Low Profile Rodless Cylinder
SMC: Offers High Tech Life Science Solutions

October Newsletter:

News: Ohlheiser offers the entire TURCK Product line
Employee Spotlight: Maddy Johnson, Customer Service
: Sense it... Connect it... Bus it!

September Newsletter:

SMC: High Purity Chemical Valve
Baumer: Precision Mechanical Limit Switch
GAST: Air-Moving Products
LinkTech: Quick Coupling Solutions

August Newsletter:

New England Lab Automation Seminar
Epson: RC620+ up to 20 Axis of Motion
White Paper: Factors to consider when choosing an actuator of 4 feet or less
NB Linear Systems: High-Precision Linear Bearings
Faztek: Solutions to a safer environment at a fraction of the cost
Ohlheiser Value Added Group: Engineering, Production and Testing Expertise

July Newsletter:

SMC: Moisture Control Tubing
Baumer: Time of flight Laser Sensor
MOXA: Redundant Ethernet Network
Panasonic: Next Generation Servo

June Newsletter:

EPSON: features 2 new robots at ATX East Show
SMC: LEH Electric Grippers
SMAC: CA Series Electric Cylinders
Panasonic: UV Curing System

May Newsletter:

Ohlheiser adds Neugart Gearheads to Products
ATX East Show, June 8 - 10th
LinkTech: PTF Terminations
Jun-Air: iSeries Oil-less Compressor

April Newsletter:

Ohlheiser Celebrates 50 years!
What was happening in 1960?
SMC: ZFC05 In-line Air Suction Filters
Mini SCARA Video

March Newsletter:

Ohlheiser Launches new Website
PANASONIC: FX500 Series Sensors
SMC: LEF Electric Actuator
BAUMER: Series 90 Ultrasonic Sensor






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